Altivar 32 Variable Speed Drives Page 19 Accessories and Options

19 Altivar 32 variable speed drives Accessories & Options Accessories Components for mounting GV2 circuit-breaker directly on an Altivar 32 drive Description For drives Sold in lots of Part number Weight lbs kg Bracket for GV2/Altivar 32 direct mounting Mechanical bracket for holding the GV2 self-protected disconnect in place when directly mounted on Altivar 32 drive. Requires a GV2 AF4 adaptor plate for electrical connection, to be ordered separately. ATV32H ppp M2, ATV32H037N4 to HU40N4 10 VW3A9921 0.17 0.08 Adaptor plate Provides the electrical link between the GV2 self protected disconnect and Altivar 32. Requires a VW3A9921 bracket for direct mounting, to be ordered separately. ATV 32H ppp M2 ATV 32H037N4 to HU40N4 10 GV2AF4 0.04 0.02 Incoming line insulator This insulator mounts on the line side of the GV2P for UL508 Type E applications. for use on GV2P 10 GV2GH7 0.04 0.02 Mounting the control module at 90 Description For drives Part number Weight lbs kg Adaptor for mounting the control module at 90 This is used to mount the power section on the side, keeping the control module visible and accessible. This allows the drive to be mounted in a shallow enclosure. ATV 32H ppp M2 ATV 32H037N4 to HU40N4 VW3A9920 0.28 0.13 Daisy Chain connection of the DC bus (1) The DC bus is connected in a Daisy Chain in the following cases: Drives powered by the AC supply with parallel connection of the DC bus in order to balance the loads during braking phases between the drives; used in addition to braking resistors (see page 23) Drives powered by the DC bus only Requires the cordsets listed below: Description Use to connect Length Sold in lots of Part number Weight From: To: ft m lbs kg Daisy chain DC bus cordsets (1) Cable fitted with 2 connectors LXM/ATV32H ppp M2 LXM/ATV32H037N4 to HU40N4 LXM/ATV32H ppp M2 LXM/ATV32H037N4 to HU40N4 0.33 0.1 5 VW3M7101R01 - - DC bus cable ATV32H ppp M2 ATV32H ppp N4 LEX32 pppp M2 (2) LEX32 pppp N4 (2) 49 15 - VW3M7102R150 - - DC bus connectors (3) for use with VW3M7102R150 DC bus cable - - 10 VW3M2207 - - (1) Setting up several devices on the DC bus requires special precautions, please refer to the installation manual which is available on page 14. (2) Lexium 32 motion control offer. See page 4 and please refer to our "Lexium 32 motion control" catalog. (3) Requires crimping tool: Tyco Electronics, part number 18025. GV2/ATV 32 direct mounting: GV2L08+ (VWA9921 + GV2AF4) + ATV 32H075N4 Example of GV2/Altivar 32 direct mounting in an enclosure: GV2 P self-protected disconnect + GV2GH7 line spacer + ATV 32HU15N4 drives ATV32H ppp M2 connected with a Daisy Chain DC bus cordset VW3M7101R01

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