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22 Altivar 32 variable speed drives Configuration tools Accessories & Options Configuration tools (continued) SoMove setup software This software enables the user to configure, set, debug and organize maintenance tasks for the Altivar 32. It can also be used to customize the integrated display terminal menus. Description Part number Weight lbs kg SoMove setup software Free Download - - USB/RJ45 cordset equipped with a USB connector and an RJ45 connector For connecting a PC to the Altivar 32. Length: 8 ft (2.5 m) TCSMCNAM3M002P 0.2 0.1 Modbus-protocol-to-Bluetooth adaptor Used to enable any non-Bluetooth device to communicate via Bluetooth wireless link (2) Equipped with: 1 Bluetooth adaptor (range 10 m, class 2) with an RJ45 connector For SoMove: 1 x 0.1 m cable with 2 x RJ45 connectors For TwidoSuite: 1 x 0.1 m cable with 1 RJ45 connector and 1 mini DIN connector VW3A8114 0.3 0.2 (1) Available on our website "" (2) Required for the following devices: - Altivar 12, 212, 312, 31, 61 and 71 drives - Altistart 22 starters - Lexium 32 servo drives Simple Loader and Multi-Loader configuration tools The Simple Loader tool enables one drive's configuration to be duplicated and transferred to another drive. It is connected through the drive's RJ45 communication port. The drive must be powered up to use the Simple Loader. The Multi-Loader tool enables a number of configurations from a PC or drive to be copied, stored, and loaded onto other drives. The Altivar 32 does not need to be powered up when using the Multi-Loader tool. Description Part number Weight lbs kg Simple Loader configuration tool Supplied with a cordset fitted with 2 RJ45 connectors. ATV32H ppppp VW3A8120 - Multi-Loader configuration tool Supplied with: 1 cordset fitted with 2 RJ45 connectors 1 cordset fitted with one type A USB connector and one mini B USB connector 1 x SD memory card 1 x female/female RJ 45 adaptor 4 AA/LR6 1.5 V batteries 1 anti-shock protection 1 carrying case ATV32H ppppp VW3A8121 - Cordset for Multi-Loader tool For connecting the Multi-Loader tool to the Altivar 32 drive in its packaging. Fitted with a non-locking RJ45 connector with special mechanical catch on the drive end and an RJ45 connector on the Multi-Loader end. ATV32H ppppp in its packaging VW3A8126 - Simple loader tool (VWA8120) Multi-Loader tool (VWA8121) Configuring an Altivar 32 in its packaging: VW3 A8 121 + VW3 A8 126 cordset Modbus-protocol-to- Bluetooth adaptor USB/RJ45 cordset

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