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26 Altivar 32 variable speed drives Additional filters Accessories & Options Additional filters Integrated filters The Altivar 32 drive has integrated radio interference input filters to comply with the EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) standard for variable speed electrical power drive products, including IEC 61800-3 category C2 and the European EMC Directive. Additional EMC input filters Additional EMC input filters enable the drives to meet more stringent requirements. They are designed to reduce conducted emissions on the line supply below the limits of standard IEC 61800-3 category C1 or C2. Mounting Depending on the model, the additional EMC filters can be mounted beside or underneath the drive. They act as a support for the drives and are attached to them via tapped holes. Mounting the filter on the side of the drive: ATV32H ppp M2, ATV32H037N4 to HU40N4 drives Additional EMC input filters Mounting the filter underneath the drive: ATV32HU55N4 to HD15N4 drives Additional EMC input filters Use according to the type of line supply Additional EMC filters can only be used on TN (neutral connection) and TT (neutral to ground) type systems. Standard IEC 61800-3, appendix D2.1, states that on IT systems - isolated or impedance grounded neutral - filters can cause permanent insulation monitors to operate in a random manner. The effectiveness of additional filters on this type of system depends on the type of impedance between neutral and ground, and therefore cannot be predicted. In the case of a machine which needs to be installed on an IT network, the solution would be to insert an isolation transformer and place the machine locally on a TN or TT network. The radio interference input filters integrated in Altivar 32 drives can easily be disconnected by means of a selector switch - without removing the drive. For drives Additional EMC input filter Maximum length of shielded cable, IEC 61800-3 (1), (4) In (2) Losses (3) Mounting the filter/ Altivar 32 Part number Weight Category C2 Category C1 ft m ft m A W lbs kg Single-phase supply voltage: 200 to 240 V 50/60 Hz ATV32H018M2, ATV32H037M2, ATV32H055M2, ATV32H075M2 164 50 65.6 20 10.1 3.7 On the side VW3A4420 1.32 0.6 ATV32HU11M2, ATV32HU15M2 164 50 65.6 20 17.6 6.9 On the side VW3A4421 1.71 0.775 ATV32HU22M2 164 50 65.6 20 23.9 7.5 On the side VW3A4426 2.49 1.13 Three-phase supply voltage: 380 to 500 V 50/60 Hz ATV32H037N4, ATV32H055N4 ATV32H075N4, ATV32HU11N4 ATV32HU15N4 164 50 65.6 20 15 9.9 On the side VW3A4422 1.98 0.9 ATV32HU22N4, ATV32HU30N4 ATV32HU40N4 164 50 65.6 20 25 15.8 On the side VW3A4423 2.98 1.35 ATV32HU55N4, ATV32HU75N4 164 50 65.6 20 47 19.3 Underneath VW3A4424 6.94 3.15 ATV32HD11N4, ATV32HD15N4 164 50 65.6 20 49 27.4 Underneath VW3A4425 10.47 4.75 (1) The filter selection tables give the maximum lengths for shielded cables connecting motors to drives. These maximum lengths are given as examples only, as they vary depending on the stray capacitance of the motors and the cables used. If motors are connected in parallel, it is the sum of the cable lengths that should be taken into account. (2) In: nominal filter current. (3) Via heat dissipation, at the nominal filter current (In). (4) Standard IEC 61800-3: EMC immunity and conducted and radiated EMC emissions: - Category C1: public power supply (residential) - Category C2: industrial power supply VW3A4424 VW3A4424 + ATV32HU55N4 VW3A4422 VW3A4422 + ATV32HU11N4

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