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Altivar 32 variable speed drives 27 Communication buses and networks Accessories & Options Communication buses and networks The Altivar 32 drive is designed to meet the network requirements found in industrial communication installations. The Modbus and CANopen communication protocols integrated into the product can be accessed via the RJ45 communication port located on the front. The Altivar 32 drive can also be connected to other industrial communication buses and networks by using one of the optional communication cards. Communication cards are supplied in "cassette" format for ease of mounting/removal, and do not require any additional panel space or power supply. Modbus serial link (1) The Modbus serial link is used for connecting the following HMI and configuration tools: Magelis HMI terminal Remote display terminal or remote graphic display terminal SoMove setup software, Simple Loader or the Multi-Loader configuration tool CANopen machine bus (1),(2),(3) The CANopen machine bus is used for integration into control system architectures, especially when combined with Modicon M238 and M258 logic controllers or Lexium 32 motion controllers. Optimized solutions for connection to the CANopen machine bus To simplify setting up the Altivar 32 drive, three CANopen (2) communication cards are available depending on the connector type desired: CANopen Daisy chain card with 2 RJ45 connectors offering an optimized solution for daisy chain connection to the CANopen machine bus (see page 29) CANopen card for connection to the bus via 9-way SUB-D connector (see page 29) CANopen card for connection to the bus via screw terminals (see page 30) Using one of the CANopen communication cards also reduces the installation dimensions compared to using VW3CANTAP2 and VW3CANTDM4 junction boxes. Optional communication cards for industrial applications (3) The following communication cards are available: Modbus TCP or EtherNet/IP network card (software selectable) PROFIBUS DP V1 card DeviceNet card EtherCAT card Description The Altivar 32 drive has been designed to simplify connections to communication buses and networks, using: 1 Integrated RJ45 communication port for Modbus/CANopen on the front 2 Slot for the optional communication card 3 Optional communication card Example of the SoMove oscilliscope function Example of configuration on CANopen machine bus Modicon M238/Modicon M258 CANopen machine bus Altivar 61 Lexium 32 Altivar 32 Sensors Magelis XBT GT Example of installing a communication card 3 (view of underside) 3 2 1 1 Modbus serial link Magellis STU Altivar 32

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