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28 Altivar 32 variable speed drives Communication buses and networks Accessories & Options Communication buses and networks Functions All Altivar 32 drive functions can be accessed via the communication buses and networks: Control Monitoring Adjustment Configuration The speed reference and command may come from different sources: Logic input or analog I/O terminals Communication bus or network Remote display terminals The Altivar 32 drive advanced functions can be used to manage switching of these drive control sources according to the application requirements. The communication periodic I/O data assignment can be selected using the network configuration software. The Altivar 32 drive can be controlled: According to the CiA 402 native profile According to the I/O profile Communication is monitored according to criteria specific to each protocol. Regardless of protocol type, the reaction of the drive to a detected communication fault can be configured as follows: Freewheel stop, stop on ramp, fast stop or braked stop Maintain the last command received Fallback position at a predefined speed Ignore the detected fault Modbus serial link (1) Connection accessories for remote Human/Machine Interface (2) Description No. Length Part number Weight ft m lbs kg Cordsets for Modbus serial link equipped with 2 RJ45 connectors 1 1 0.3 VW3A8306R03 0.06 0.03 3.3 1 VW3A8306R10 0.13 0.06 9.8 3 VW3A8306R30 0.29 0.13 (1) The Modbus serial link always uses the RJ45 communication port located on the front. If simultaneous use of the Modbus serial link and the CANopen machine bus is required, a CANopen communication card is needed. (2) See page 20 for connection of a remote display terminal or remote graphic display terminal. (3) Requires a 24 V c power supply. Please refer to the "Human/Machine Interfaces" catalog. Example connection of an Altivar 32 drive and a Magelis STU HMI terminal via the Modbus serial link 1 Modbus serial link Magellis STU (3) Altivar 32

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