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4 Altivar 32 variable speed drives Introduction The Altivar 32 variable speed drive from Schneider Electric provides high performance and improved connectivity, while reducing panel space, improving uptime and maximizing machine through-put. Its extra-slim, book-style design allows side-by-side mounting, as well as the direct attachment of a self-protected disconnect. The Altivar 32 can be mounted in smaller spaces, minimizing wiring, and reducing machine costs. The Altivar 32 features embedded Bluetooth technology, which enables monitoring, viewing and performing machine diagnostics, while keeping cabinet doors safely closed. It also has an onboard HMI and navigation wheel for easy adjustments, and includes an on-board RJ45 connector. This RJ45 port can be used for Modbus or CANopen networks, or to connect a remote LCD graphic display. The Altivar 32 drive offers built-in functions that meet the demands of multiple applications: Integrated safety functions are certified to safety standards (SIL 2 according to standard IEC 61508) comparable with performance level "d" (PL d) according to ISO/EN 13849-1/-2. The Altivar Logic function offers simple control system functions (such as Boolean, arithmetical operations, comparators) that can reduce panel space and wiring costs by eliminating the need for external relays, timers and counters. Optional communication cards allow the Altivar 32 drive to integrate seamlessly into main control system architectures. The Altivar 32 drive includes various motor control profiles for three-phase asynchronous motors. It also features a control profile for permanent magnet synchronous motors. Compact and highly energy efficient, PM motors are particularly suitable for conveying applications and other equipment with gear boxes. Using a PM motor often eliminates the need for a gear box. This improves efficiency, reduces space required and eliminates the maintenance associated with gear boxes. Reduced mounting space, with simplified setup and use The Altivar 32 drive simplifies setup and use with: Compatible HMI and configuration tools for Altivar 32 variable speed drives and Lexium 32 servo drives SoMove PC setup software for Remote display terminals Simple Loader and Multi-Loader configuration tools Built-in Bluetooth link Easy-fit communication cards in cassette format Option for connection to the CANopen machine bus Side-by-side mounting with no derating. For mounting in shallow cabinets, the control module can be rotated 90 degrees. Quick connect for a TeSys GV2 self-protected disconnect Labeled terminals Synergy with Lexium 32 servo drives for controlling applications involving asynchronous and synchronous motors (common tools and options, same shape and dimensions) The Altivar 32 drive is also compatible with SoMachine, the software solution for OEMs. This solution can be used to develop, configure and setup an entire machine in a single software environment. Introduction 270 mm Example with six 45 mm wide ATV32 drives mounted side-by-side Altivar 32 with top mounted GV self- protected disconnect Synergy between Altivar 32 and Lexium 32 servo drive (1)

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