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5 Altivar 32 variable speed drives Introduction Applications & Product Applications The Altivar 32 drive incorporates functions suitable for the most common applications, including: Material handling (smart conveyors, diverters and gapping machines) Packing and packaging machines (bagging, labeling, sealing and boxing, plus wrappers and palletizers) Special machines (mixers, kneaders, filling machines, and extruders) Pump, compressor and fan applications requiring a smart drive Hoisting, pick and place Wood-working machinery (saws, gummers, planers, etc.) Metal processing (bending presses, welding machines, cutting machines, etc.) Product The Altivar 32 range of variable speed drives covers three-phase motor power ratings from 0.25 hp to 20 hp (0.18 kW to 15 kW) with two power supply ratings: 200 V to 240 V single-phase, three-phase output, 0.25 hp to 3 hp (0.18 kW to 2.2 kW) (ATV32H ppp M2) 380 V to 500 V three-phase, 0.5 hp to 20 hp (0.37 kW to 15 kW) (ATV32H ppp N4) The Altivar 32 drive integrates Modbus and CANopen as standard communication protocols. Both can be accessed via the RJ45 connector on the front of the drive. To simplify connection of the Altivar 32 drive to the CANopen machine bus, three communication card options are available with different connectors: CANopen daisy chain card with two RJ 45 connectors CANopen card with 9-way SUB-D connector CANopen card with 5-way terminal block See pages 29 & 30. In addition to Modbus and CANopen as standard protocols, the Altivar 32 drive can be connected to industrial communication networks by adding one of the following optional communication cards: Modbus/TCP - Ethernet/IP PROFIBUS DP V1 DeviceNet EtherCAT See pages 31 & 32. Description 1 Power terminals 2 Protective cover to prevent access to the power terminals when closed 3 RJ45 communication port for access to integrated protocols: Modbus serial link and CANopen machine bus 4 Protective cover for access to the control terminals (also includes a label with a wiring diagram) 5 Removable motor power terminal block (allows quick disconnect and re-connect of motor cables during maintenance operations) 6 EMC mounting plate (integral part of the motor power terminal block). This plate is supplied with a cable guide support, which can be used if required. Conveying application CANopen communication card with RJ45 connectors CANopen communication card with SUB-D connector CANopen communication card with connection via terminals 1 2 3 4 5 6 Frame A and B

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