Altivar 32 Variable Speed Drives Page 7 Introduction

7 Altivar 32 variable speed drives Functions Introduction Functions The Altivar 32 variable speed drive has six logic inputs, a dedicated Safe Torque Off (STO) input, three analog inputs, one logic output, one analog output, one form C relay output and one NO relay output, plus an on-board RJ45 port. Application functions The Altivar 32 drive includes over 150 functions, such as: Configurations: standard or customizable Settings: factory or OEM Application-specific functions (conveying, cutting, hoisting, etc.) The adjustable switching frequency reduces motor noise and temperature rise. Multiple Human/Machine Interfaces (HMIs) and dialog or configuration tools Menu parameter setting, using the "My Menu" function to obtain an application specific Human/Machine Interface (HMI) Uploads and downloads of application and drive software, with power on or off Safety functions The Altivar 32 drive software includes three safety functions that help machines meet safety requirements, whether or not they are used in conjunction with a Preventa safety module: STO: Safe Torque Off SLS: Safely Limited Speed SS1: Safe Stop 1 These safety functions are configured via the SoMove setup software (see page 22). Note: To set up the safety functions, please refer to the "Safety Integrated functions" manual. Altivar Logic The integrated control system functions featuring Altivar Logic can be used to perform simple operations, eliminating the mounting space, wiring and installation of external relays, timers and counters. Altivar Logic is programmed via the SoMove setup software (see page 22) and provides access to the following functions: Arithmetical operations, Boolean operators, counters and timers Programming of up to 50 functions by an automated sequence Access to the drive's internal variables Motor control profiles for asynchronous and synchronous motors The Altivar 32 drive features different motor control profiles: For asynchronous motors: Two voltage/frequency ratios: Volts/Hz and 5-point Volts/Hz Sensorless flux vector control ratio Quadratic ratio for pump and fan loads Energy saving ratio For synchronous motors: Permanent Magnet motor control profile Examples of use (functions/applications) Functions Applications Handling Conveying Packing Wood-working machinery Metal processing Safety functions Communication buses and networks Fast response time Control profile for synchronous motors Application-specific functions Typical use for Altivar 32 Typical use for Lexium 32 Example of an application requiring the use of safety functions A scrolling sign is an example of an application that can use Altivar Logic.

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