Altivar 32 Variable Speed Drives Page 8 Introduction

8 Altivar 32 variable speed drives Functions Introduction Functions (continued) Integrated safety functions (1) The Altivar 32 drive includes three safety functions: STO: Safe Torque Off SLS: Safely Limited Speed SS1: Safe Stop 1 These functions allow you to develop applications oriented to the protection of man and machine and are configured with SoMove software. These integrated safety functions provide the following benefits: Additional standards-compliant safety functions Replacement of external safety equipment Reduced wiring efforts and space requirements Reduced costs The Altivar 32 drive is compliant with normative requirements to implement the safety functions. These three integrated functions are certified in accordance with IEC 61800- 5-2 Ed.1 "Adjustable speed electrical power drive systems - Part 5-2: Safety requirements - Functional". IEC 61800-5-2 as a product standard, sets out safety- related considerations of Power Drive Systems Safety Related "PDS(SR)s" in terms of the framework of IEC 61508 series Ed.2 of standards. Compliance with IEC 61800-5-2 standard, for the following described safety functions, will facilitate the incorporation of a PDS(SR) (Power Drive System with safety-related functions) into a safety-related control system using the principles of IEC 61508, or the ISO 13849-1, as well as the IEC 62061 for process-systems and machinery. The defined safety functions are: SIL 2/SIL 3 capability in compliance with IEC 61800-5-2 and IEC 61508 series Ed. 2 Performance Level "d" and "e" in compliance with ISO 13849-1 Compliant with Category 3 and 4 of European standard ISO 13849-1 (EN 954-1) These integration functions make it possible to: Simplify setup of machines which require a complex safety device Improve performance during maintenance by reducing machine or installation downtime The functional safety certificate can be printed from SoMove after configuration. Note: A higher level of compliance is possible with the addition of external Preventa safety modules (2) . Safe Torque Off (STO) safety function (1) The STO integrated safety function causes a motor freewheel stop by eliminating the torque on the motor shaft. This function brings the motor into a no torque condition so it is relevant in terms of safety - since no torque is available at the motor level. Power modules are inhibited, and the motor coasts down or is prohibited from starting. Safely Limited Speed (SLS) safety function (1) The SLS integrated safety function slows down and then holds the motor at a predefined frequency. If this predefined frequency cannot be held above a certain value, for example in the case of a driving load, the STO function is activated. Safe Stop 1 (SS1) safety function (1) The SS1 integrated safety function causes a category 1 safe stop. This stop occurs in the following sequence: The motor is stopped according to a predefined deceleration ramp. The deceleration is monitored to ensure that the motor has stopped or that the frequency has been reached. The STO function is activated after standstill has been reached. Setting up the integrated safety functions (1) The functions are connected directly to the drive's logic inputs and can be configured using the SoMove setup software (see page 22). (1) For addition information please refer to the Altivar 32 Safety Functions Manual, document number S1A45606_01 which is available through t he button to the left. (2) Please refer to the Altivar 32 Safety Integrated Functions Manual. f (Hz) t (s) 0 Nominal frequency Freewheel stop STO activation (zero torque) Activation of the STO safety function f (Hz) t (s) 0 Nominal frequency Holding at a predened frequency SLS activation Freewheel stop STO activation (zero torque) if the predened frequency is exceeded Predened frequency f max. Activation of the SLS safety function f (Hz) t (s) 0 Nominal frequency Safe stop according to a predened ramp SS1 activation STO activation (zero torque) Activation of the SS1 safety function

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