Altivar 32 Variable Speed Drives Page 9 Introduction

9 Altivar 32 variable speed drives Functions Introduction Functions (continued) Embedded Altivar Logic The Altivar 32 drive can be used to control a simple process and replace the functions performed by external relays, timers and counters. Eliminating these external devices can reduce cost by minimizing panel space requirements, eliminating components and wiring, and reduce installation time. Using integrated software function blocks, the Altivar 32 drive can: Perform simple control system functions (Boolean, arithmetical operations, timers, counters, comparators, etc.) Execute small automated sequences Customize the drive to the machine application The Altivar Logic function is programmed with the SoMove software. Altivar Logic can interact with: The drive core control The drive I/O Communication networks The drive HMI HMI IOs Network Application control Power stage program size of Logic Functions Runtime blocks (average) 50 Binary Boolean Timer Counter M3~

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