Altivar 320 Variable Speed Drives Page 0626Q-2 Offer for Manufacturers

0626Q-EN version: 1.0 2 3 Material handling, packaging, textile, hoisting, mechanical actuators, material working Conveyors, carton packers, gantry cranes, wood working, metal processing, fans, etc Altivar Machine ATV 320 book variable speed drives without sensor (velocity control) 0.1815 kW/ 0.2520 HP 0.182.2 kW/ 0.253 HP 0.3715 kW/ 0.520 HP 0.1599 Hz Voltage/frequency ratio, 2 points Voltage/frequency ratio, 5 points Flux vector control without sensor - Energy Saving, No Load law Flux vector control without sensor, standard Voltage/frequency ratio - Energy Saving, quadratic U/f Vector control without sensor - VW3A3620 170200% of the nominal motor torque 150 5: STO (Safe Torque Off), SS1 (Safe Stop 1), SLS (Safe Limited Speed), SMS (Safe Maximum Speed), GDL (Guard Door Locking) - 3 6 1 2 Modbus, CANopen DeviceNet, PROFIBUS DP V1, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, EtherCat, ProfiNet, POWERLINK SoMove setup software Simple Loader and Multi-Loader configuration tools IP 54 or IP 65 remote display terminal and remote graphic display terminal Filters, braking resistors, line chokes, speed monitoring card Book control block IP20 IEC 61800-5-1, IEC 61800-3 (environments 1 and 2, category C2), UL 508C, EN 954-1 category 3, ISO/EN 13849-1/- 2 category 3 (PL e), IEC 61508 (parts 1 & 2) SIL 3 level, draft standard EN 50495E IEC 60721-3-3, classes 3C3 and 3S2 e , UL, CSA, RCM, EAC, ATEX ATV 320 Book 60881/2

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