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2 Variable speed drives: page 60882/2 Configuration and runtime tools: page 60883/2 Combinations: page 60884/2 Dimensions: page 60891/2 Presentation Variable speed drives Altivar Machine ATV320 Machine solution The Altivar Machine ATV320 is an IP 20 variable speed drive for three-phase synchronous and asynchronous motors, incorporates functions suitable for the most common applications, including: b Packaging b Material handling b Textile b Material working b Mechanical autuators b Hoisting The Altivar Machine ATV320 series is focused on easy intergration for simple and advanced machine requirements with proven motor control and connectivity. It offers enhanced automation capabilities and performance for the industrial machine applications: b Reliable motor control for asynchronous and permenent magnet motors b Complete integration into any system architecture ( Ethernet, Canopen, Profibus, etc...) b Compact and book format to be integrated in all cabinet types b Embedded safety function for easy safety norms compliance b Increased robustness against polluted atmosphere By taking account of constraints on product setup and use right from the design stage, we have been able to simplify integration of the Altivar Machine ATV320 drive into industrial machines. It features more than 150 functions. It is robust, easy to install and compliant with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. Schneider Electric's MachineStruxure solutions provide abundant ready-to-use, PLC open compliant libraries. SoMachine can be used to develop, configure, and set up an entire machine in a single software environment. Through the FDT/DTM technology, it is possible to configure, control and diagnose Altivar Machine ATV320 directly in SoMachine and SoMove software by means of the same software brick (DTM). With seamless integration under this platform, Altivar Machine ATV320 benefits the advantage of reducing engineering and design time. Optional Ethernet based communication possibility makes it accessable to realtime production data at all level of automation system through webserver. Applications Altivar Machine ATV320 drives incorporate functions suitable for the most common applications, including: Material handling b Small conveyors b Large conveying systems b Turntable conveyors, etc Packing and packaging machines b Small bagging machines b Labeling machines b Carton packers, etc Packing and Packaging machines Material handling application 60881-EN version: 1.0

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