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5 References: page 60882/2 Variable speed drives Altivar Machine ATV320 Presentation (continued) Innovative functions (1) Safety functions The Altivar Machine ATV320 range of variable speed drives provides safety functions (according to standard IEC 61508) comparable with performance level "e" (PL e) according to standard ISO/EN 13849-1-2. The Altivar Machine ATV320 drive software includes five safety functions that help machines meet safety requirements, whether or not they are used in conjunction with a Preventa safety module (2) : b STO: Safe Torque Off b SLS: Safely Limited Speed b SS1: Safe Stop 1 b SMS: Sate Maximum Speed b GDL: Guard Door Lock These safety functions are configured via the SoMove configuration software. For more information, please refer to the SoMove, available on our website Note : To set up the safety functions, please refer to the "Altivar Machine ATV320 Safety Functions Manual", available on our website ATV Logic ATV Logic is used to adapt Altivar Machine ATV320 variable speed drives to specific applications by means of customizable integrated control system functions. The integrated control system functions featuring ATV Logic can be used to perform simple operations without adding further devices, which reduces costs. ATV Logic is programmed via the SoMove configuration software (refer to the SoMove catalog available on our website and provides access to the following functions: b Arithmetical operations, Boolean operators, counters, timers, etc. b Programming of up to 50 functions by an automated sequence b Access to the drive's internal variables Functions dedicated to synchronous motors Altivar Machine ATV320 variable speed drives integrate new functions for synchronous motors that are suitable for the majority of commercially-available motors. b Simplified setting due to the reduced number of configuration parameters (4 maximum) b Autotuning of the drive/motor combination b High-frequency injection for high performance in open loop mode Application functions Altivar Machine ATV320 variable speed drives include 150 functions, such as: b Configurations: standard or customizable b Application-specific functions for material handling, textile, hoisting, mechanical actuators b Adjustable switching frequency (adjusted motor current, reduced motor noise) b Adjustable monitoring function to create "My Menu" function to obtain user specific monitoring b Ability to upload/download drive configurations without the need of power supply Examples of use (functions/applications) Functions Applications Handling Conveying Packing Wood-working machinery Metal processing Safety functions Communication buses and networks Fast response time Control profile for synchronous motors Application-specific functions Typical use Not applicable (1) Non-exhaustive list; please consult our website (2) Please refer to the "Safety functions and solutions using Preventa" catalog. Example of an application requiring the use of safety functions PF600366 Example of an application (scrolling billboard) requiring a typical ATV Logic sequence PF600367 60881-EN version: 1.0

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