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6 Presentation (continued) Variable speed drives Altivar Machine ATV320 Integrated safety functions (1) Altivar Machine ATV320 drives include three safety functions: b STO: Safe Torque Off (2) b SLS: Safely Limited Speed b SS1: Safe Stop 1 b SMS: Safe Maximum Speed b GDL: Guard Door Lock These functions are certified in accordance with IEC 61800-5-2 Ed.1 "Adjustable speed electrical power drive systems - Part 5-2: Safety requirements - Functional". These integrated functions make it possible to: b Simplify setup of machines that require a complex safety device b Improve performance during maintenance by reducing machine or installation downtime Note : Some applications may require the addition of external Preventa safety modules (3). Safe Torque Off (STO) safety function (1) (2) The STO integrated safety function causes a motor freewheel stop by helping to eliminate the torque on the motor shaft. Safely Limited Speed (SLS) safety function (1) The SLS integrated safety function can be initiated by an activation of safety inputs. Once triggered, this safety function slows down then holds the motor at a predefined frequency. If this predefined frequency cannot be held above a certain value, for example in the case of a driving load, the STO function is activated. Safe Stop 1 (SS1) safety function (1) The SS1 integrated safety function causes a category 1 safe stop. This stop occurs in the following sequence: b The motor is stopped according to a predefined deceleration ramp. b The deceleration is monitored to check that the motor has stopped or that the frequency has been reached. b The STO function is activated. Safe Maximum Speed (SMS) safety function (1) The SMS integrated safety function ensures that the motor operates below a pre-defined maximum speed: b 2 different speed limits can be defined and can be selected by logic inputs. b In case of limit speed reached STO function is activated. Once the SMS function is configured, it is always active. Guard Door Locking (GDL) safety function (1) The GDL integrated safety function controls the door lock in a safe manner. Depending on the type of the stop, Altivar 320 activates the pre-defined delay and ensures that door lock management conducted in a safe manner. b The delay is determined according to the type of the stop. b Once the delay is over the safe output releases the door lock. Setting up the integrated safety functions (1) Setting up the integrated safety functions in the Altivar Machine ATV320 drive does not require any options or additional accessories. The functions are connected directly to the drive's logic inputs and can be configured using the SoMove setup software. For more information, please refer to the SoMove catalog available on our website (1) Please refer to the "Altivar Machine ATV320 Safety Functions Manual", available on our website (2) The safety certification of ATV320 Compact control block products are still on going, compact products will have only STO (SIL2) level until the certification completed. (3) Please refer to the "Safety functions and solutions using Preventa" catalog. f (Hz) t (s) 0 Nominal frequency Freewheel stop STO activation (zero torque) Activation of the STO safety function f (Hz) t (s) 0 Nominal frequency Safe stop according to a predefined ramp SS1 activation STO activation (zero torque) Activation of the SS1 safety function f (Hz) t (s) 0 Nominal frequency Holding at a predefined frequency SLS activation Freewheel stop STO activation (zero torque) if the predefined frequency is exceeded Predefined frequency f max. Activation of the SLS safety function References: page 60882/2 f (Hz) t (s) 0 Nominal frequency SS1 activation GDL activation (short delay) Activation of the GDL safety function (Example of stop type: SS1) Short Delay Activation of the SMS safety function f (Hz) t (s) 0 SMLH Error and STO Function SMS activation SMLL 60881-EN version: 1.0

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