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7 The offer The Altivar Machine ATV320 range of variable speed drives covers motor power ratings from 0.18 kW/ 0.25 HP to 15 kW/ 20 HP with two types of power supply in book and compact control block design: b 200 V240 V single-phase, 0.18 kW/ 0.25 HP to 2.2 kW/ 3 HP ( ATV320U pp M2B and ATV320U pp M2C ) b 380 V500 V three-phase, 0.37 kW/ 0.50 HP to 15 kW/ 20 HP ( ATV320 ppp N4B and ATV320U pp N4C ) The references ending with "B" indicates that the product have book control block and up to 4 kW/5 HP the product has a book format (between 5.5 to 15 kW no longer book format). The references ending with "C" designates that the product has a compact control block and these products have compact format as well (Drive under 3-phase/380 V supply voltage have compact control block up to 4 kW). For the book format, several drives can be mounted side-by-side to save space. Altivar Machine ATV320 drives integrate the Modbus and CANopen communication protocols as standard. Both can be accessed via the RJ45 connector on the front of the drive. To simplify connection of the Altivar Machine ATV320 drive to the CANopen machine bus, three dedicated communication modules are available with different connectors: b CANopen daisy chain module with two RJ 45 connectors b CANopen module with 9-way SUB-D connector b CANopen module with 5-way terminal block See pages 60889/4 and 60889/5. In addition to the Modbus and CANopen standard protocols, Altivar Machine ATV320 drives can be connected to the main industrial communication buses and networks by adding one of the following optional communication modules: b Modbus/TCP - Ethernet/IP b PROFIBUS DP V1 b DeviceNet b EtherCAT b POWERLINK b ProfiNet See page 60889/2. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) The built-in EMC filters in ATV320U pp M2B , ATV320U pp M2C , ATV320 ppp N4B and ATV320U pp N4C drives and compliance with EMC requirements simplify installation and provide an economical way for the device to meet the e mark criteria. The EMC filter enables compliance with standard IEC 61800-3, category C2 for a maximum motor cable length of 10 m /32.80 ft for ATV320U pp M2B / ATV320U pp M2C variable speed drives and 5 m /16.40 ft for ATV320 ppp N4B / ATV320U pp N4C variable speed drives. This filter can be disconnected via a jumper. Other filters are available as an option and can be installed by the customer to reduce the level of emissions from Altivar Machine ATV320 variable speed drives. In particular, they allow a maximum motor cable length of 100 m /328.08 ft . See page 60882/10. Accessories and external options Accessories and external options are available with Altivar Machine ATV320 drives. The type of external accessories and options depends on the drive rating. Accessories b UL Type 1 conformity kits, plates for direct mounting on 35 mm rails, etc. (see page 60890/2) b Bracket for direct mounting of GV2/ATV320U pppp B circuit-breaker (see page 60890/2) b Adapter for mounting the control module at 90, for mounting the power module on its side, keeping the control module visible and accessible b Daisy-chain DC bus cordsets for daisy-chain connection of the DC bus See page 60882/4. Presentation (continued) Variable speed drives Altivar Machine ATV320 References: page 60882/2 CANopen communication module with connection via terminals CANopen communication module with RJ 45 connectors CANopen communication module with SUB-D connector ATV320U02M2B...U07M2B ATV320U04N4B...U15N4B ATV320U11M2B...U22M2B ATV320U22N4B...U40N4B GV2/ATV320 direct mounting ATV320U02M2B...U07M2C ATV320U11M2C...U22M2B ATV320U04N4C...U15N4C 60881-EN version: 1.0

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