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4 Presentation Variable speed drives Altivar Machine ATV320 Option: configuration tools DTM Presentation Using FDT/DTM technology is possible to configure, control, and diagnose Altivar Machine drives directly in SoMachine and SoMove softwares by means of the same software brick (DTM). FDT/DTM technology standardizes the communication interface between field devices and host systems. The DTM contains a uniform structure for managing drive access parameters. The Altivar Machine ATV320 DTM library is a flexible, open, and interactive tool that can be used in a third-party FDT. DTMs can be downloaded from our website Specific functions of the Altivar Machine ATV320 DTM b Offline or online access to drive data b Transfer of configuration files from and to the drive b Customization (My Menu) b Access to drive parameters and option cards b Oscilloscope function b Graphic interface to assist with configuration of the Altivar Machine ATV320 b Drive parameter monitoring b Detected error and warning logs Advantages of the DTM library in SoMachine SoMachine software is a single tool for configuration, setup, and diagnostics for the complete machine. It can be integrated in the fieldbus topology. SoMachine additionally offers Function Block library possibilities for Altivar Machine drives. Advantages of the DTM library in SoMove SoMove is a drive-oriented software environment. It allows a wired connection directly to the Modbus Serial port of the drive. SoMove setup software SoMove lite setup software for PC is used to prepare drive configuration files. For more information, please refer to the SoMove catalog available on our website Altivar Machine DTM in SoMove software Presentation: page 60881/2 Variable speed drives: page 60882/2 Combinations: page 60884/2 Dimensions: page 60891/2 60883-EN version: 1.0

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