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60888-EN version: 1.0 3 Presentation, functions, references Variable speed drives Altivar Machine ATV320 Option: speed monitoring module Presentation The VW3A3620 speed monitoring module is recommended for hoisting applications. This module helps to detect undesired load-slip on hoisting applications by the use of an external encoder. According to the configuration, the variable speed drive manages the load slip issue in a desired way. Functions b The load slip frequency threshold represents the difference between the speed feedback and the output frequency. b The load slip detection level can be adjusted so that the function can be used more efficiently. b The load slip direction check allows the variable speed drive to make sure that the movement is initiated in the desired direction. b The load slip detection duration can be configured in order to optimize the use of the function according the changing mechanics. The VW3A3620 speed monitoring module ensures that the actual motor speed is within acceptable threshold and movement direction is in desired sense. The variable speed drive will trigger an alarm and the motor will stop either with a freewheel stop or stop with brake logic management (according to the configuration), in the following cases: b the actual speed is different than the allowed speed reference threshold and this reaches the defined duration or b the sense of motor rotation is not as it is commanded Speed monitoring card module (1) Description Reference Weight kg/ lb Speed monitoring module Port: One 6-way screw connector b RS422 b Input nominal voltage: 5 V VW3A3620 0.300/ 0.660 (1) To use with the ATV320 drives with compact control block, the option module adapter is required. Order the adapter separatly. VW3A3620 PF130914 Presentation: page 60881/2 Variable speed drives: page 60882/2 Combinations: page 60884/2 Dimensions: page 60891/2

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