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60889-EN version: 1.0 3 Functions, references Variable speed drives Altivar machine ATV320 Communication buses and networks Functions All Altivar Machine ATV320 drive functions can be accessed via the communication buses and networks: b Control b Monitoring b Adjustment b Configuration The speed reference and command may come from different sources: b Logic input or analog I/O terminals b Communication bus or network b Remote display terminals The ATV320 drive's advanced functions can be used to manage switching of these drive control sources according to the application requirements. The communication periodic I/O data assignment can be selected using the network configuration software. The ATV320 drive can be controlled: b According to the CiA 402 native profile b According to the I/O profile Communication is monitored according to criteria specific to each protocol. Regardless of protocol type, the reaction of the drive to a detected communication fault can be configured as follows: b Freewheel stop, stop on ramp, fast stop, or braked stop b Maintain the last command received b Fallback position at a predefined speed b Ignore the detected fault Modbus serial link (1) Connection accessories for remote Human-Machine Interface (2) Description Item no. Length m /ft Reference Weight kg/ lb Cordsets for Modbus serial link equipped with 2 RJ45 connectors 1 0.3/ 0.98 VW3A8306R03 0.025/ 0.055 1.0/ 3.28 VW3A8306R10 0.060/ 0.132 3.0/ 9.84 VW3A8306R30 0.130/ 0.287 (1) The Modbus serial link always uses the RJ45 communication port. If simultaneous use of the Modbus serial link and the CANopen machine bus is required, a CANopen communication module is needed. (2) See page 60883/4 for connection of a remote display terminal or remote graphic display terminal. (3) Requires a 24 V c power supply. Please refer to the "Human/Machine interfaces" catalog. Presentation: page 60889/2 Example of connection of an Altivar 320 book format drive and a Magelis GTO HMI terminal via the Modbus serial link Modbus serial link Magelis GTO (3) ATV 320 book 1 Example of connection of an Altivar 320 compact format drive and a Magelis GTO HMI terminal via the Modbus serial link Modbus serial link Magelis GTO (3) ATV 320 compact 1 ATV320_63440_OPF16044 Altivar 320 compact format drive with communication module in the option module adapter

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