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60890-EN version: 1.0 2 Combinations Variable speed drives Altivar Machine ATV320 Motor starters: circuit-breaker + drive Applications The proposed combinations can help protect people and equipment when a short-circuit occurs on the power stage. Two types of combination are possible: b Drive + circuit-breaker: minimum combination The circuit-breaker can be mounted directly on ATV320U pp M2B and ATV320U04N4B U40N4B drives using the bracket for GV2/ATV320 direct mounting ( VW3A9921 ) and the adapter plate ( GV2AF4 ) (see page 60882/4). b Drive + circuit-breaker + contactor: minimum combination with contactor when a control circuit is needed. The circuit-breaker provides protection against accidental short-circuits, disconnection and, if necessary, isolation. The contactor controls and manages any protection functions. A contactor can be used downstream of the drive to help ensure the motor is isolated on stopping. In this case, the contactor size should be category AC-3 depending on the associated motor, only for operation between 25 Hz and 500 Hz. The Altivar Machine ATV320 drive is protected electronically against short-circuits between phases and between phase and ground. It therefore provides continuity of service and thermal protection of the motor. Motor starters: circuit-breaker + drive Standard power ratings of three-phase 4-pole 50/60 Hz motors (2) Variable speed drive Circuit-breaker (1) Reference (3) Reference Circuit-breaker mounted directly on ATV320 (4) kW HP Single-phase supply voltage: 200240 V 50/60 Hz 0.18 0.25 ATV320U02M2 p GV2L08 With accessories VW3A9921 + GV2AF4 (5) 0.37 0.5 ATV320U04M2 p GV2L10 0.55 0.75 ATV320U06M2 p GV2L14 0.75 1 ATV320U07M2 p GV2L16 1.1 1.5 ATV320U11M2 p GV2L16 1.5 2 ATV320U15M2 p GV2L20 2.2 3 ATV320U22M2 p GV2L22 Three-phase supply voltage: 380500 V 50/60 Hz 0.37 0.5 ATV320U04N4 p GV2L07 (6) With accessories VW3A9921 + GV2AF4 (5) 0.55 0.75 ATV320U06N4 p GV2L08 (6) 0.75 1 ATV320U07N4 p GV2L08 (6) 1.1 1.5 ATV320U11N4 p GV2L10 (6) 1.5 2 ATV320U15N4 p GV2L14 (6) 2.2 3 ATV320U22N4 p GV2L14 (6) 3 4 ATV320U30N4 p GV2L16 (6) 4 5 ATV320U40N4 p GV2L16 (6) 5.5 7.5 ATV320U55N4B GV2L22 - 7.5 10 ATV320U75N4B GV2L32 - 11 15 ATV320D11N4B GV3L40 - 15 20 ATV320D15N4B GV3L50 - (1) GV2L, GV3L: TeSys magnetic motor circuit-breakers; accessories (see page 60890/5). (2) The HP values given are NEC-compliant (National Electrical Code). (3) To have the complete reference, replace p with B or C. (4) The circuit-breaker can be mounted directly only on the book format drive ATV320U pp M2B and ATV320U04N4B U40N4B. (5) To be ordered separately (see page 60882/3), see note (4) for compatibility. (6) A GV2P TeSys thermal magnetic circuit-breaker with the same rating can also be used with ATV320U04N4 p U40N4 p drives. The thermal release should then be set to maximum to inhibit this function. GV2/ATV320 direct mounting: GV2L08 + ( VW3A9921 + GV2AF4 ) (5) + ATV320U07N4B ATV320_63440_OPF16047

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