Altivar 61 And Altivar 61 Plus Variable Speed Drives Page 4 Introduction

4 Altivar 61 variable speed drives Introduction The Altivar 61 variable-speed drive defines ease of use for centrifugal pump, fan, and normal duty industrial applications. It offers advanced features, functions, and user flexibility while its revolutionary design reduces installation cost and start-up time, and offers reliable operation, simple diagnostics, and energy efficiency. The Altivar 61 variable-speed drive enables you to: Lower energy costs by reducing motor speeds on centrifugal pump and fan applications. Decrease installation costs by eliminating throttling valves or inlet guide vane typically used to control flow. Manage real-time data by offering internal connection to industrial and building networks. Improve uptime with voltage sag ride-through, qualified by SEMI F47 standard. Reduce life cycle costs of the installation by eliminating mechanical shock to belts and motor loads. Improve indoor air quality and occupant comfort through accurate flow control. Features and benefits Reduce start-up time with macros for pump, fan, PID regulator, and network configuration. Unique random switching frequency modulation provides enhanced occupant comfort by reducing audible motor noise. Configurable automatic restart parameters and broken belt detection minimize downtime. Robust motor starts with catch-on-the-fly by speed search, regardless of motor direction. Suppress resonance in mechanical structures with selectable skip frequencies. Configurable loss of follower and alarm management settings minimize downtime. Bump-less transfer from local to automatic control reduces maintenance time. Power removal safety input prevents unintended motor operation. ATV61HC31N4, ATV61HD22M3X, ATV61HU22N4 ATV61W075N4

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