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42 Altivar 61 variable speed drives Water Solutions Card Accessories & Options Introduction The Altivar 61 drive provides an automation solution that is ideal for the requirements of pump applications: b It incorporates all the application functions for managing your pumps, such as sleep, wake-up, zero flow detection, fluid absence detection, underload or overload detection and PID regulator. b It is used to adjust the operating point of pumps using control profiles. b It protects your pump installation by providing: motor thermal protection, PTC management, low speed detection and time delay The Water Solutions option card can adapt drive operation to the specific requirements of a pump installation. They reduce costs and increase the service life of equipment by intelligently managing the operating time of each pump. Various predefined configurable applications are sold by Schneider Electric and its partners. In order to protect our know-how, it is not possible to transfer the program from the card to a PC. A single multi-pump card can be installed in the Altivar 61. It can be combined with another option card (I/O expansion or communication). Each multi-pump card consists of b 10 x 24 V c logic inputs, 2 of which can be used for 2 counters or 4 of which can be used for 2 incremental encoders b 2 x 020 mA current analog inputs, impedance 250 b 6 x 24 V c positive logic (Source) open collector outputs b 2 x 020 mA current analog outputs, impedance 500 b A master port for the CANopen machine bus If the power consumption does not exceed 200 mA, this card can be powered by ATV61H ppppp drives. Otherwise, an external 24 V c power supply must be used. Note : It is recommended that an OsiSense XM electronic pressure sensor, type XML F or XML G, is added to the installation. Please consult our "Detection for automation solutions - OsiSense" catalog . Description (1) 9-way male SUB-D connector for connection to the CANopen machine bus (2) Connector with removable screw terminals, 6 contacts at intervals of 3.81 for the 24 V c power supply and 4 logic inputs (3) 3 connectors with removable screw terminals, 6 contacts at intervals of 3.81 for 6 logic inputs, 6 logic outputs, 2 analog inputs, 2 analog outputs and 2 commons (4) 5 LEDs: b 1 to indicate the presence of the 24 V c power supply b 1 to indicate a program execution fault b 2 to indicate the CANopen machine bus communication status b 1 controlled by the application program 3 1 2 4

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