Altivar 61 And Altivar 61 Plus Variable Speed Drives Page 43 Accessories and Options

43 Altivar 61 variable speed drives Water Solutions Card Accessories & Options VW3A3503 Water solution card The VW3A3503 Water Solution card provides pump management and control for a pumping installation. Up to 4 pumps can be controlled with a single drive, providing constant pressure. It incorporates the single variable function as well as the Jockey pump management function which is primarily used to manage booster or priming pumps. It also compensates for losses in installations. The variable speed pump is controlled by the Altivar 61 with the Water Solution card installed. The system can support up to three additional external pumps, either direct on line or, preferably, under soft starter control. One of the external pumps can be set up as a jockey/priming pump. The Water Solutions card determines how many external pumps need to be operating for the present demand, and operates the variable speed pump at a variable speed to make up the demand requirement. The control algorithm provides a PID function for the variable speed pump reference. The pressure setpoint can either be entered through the keypad / display, or can be sourced from one of the analog inputs. The pressure feedback is connected to one of the analog inputs. Under normal operating conditions, the control algorithm responds to an increase in demand by initially increasing the speed of the variable speed pump. If the pump is unable to fulfill the demand and has already reached full capacity, the control algorithm switches in one of the external pumps. The variable speed pump will then decrease its speed, as it shares with the external pump to take up the demand. T he control algorithm responds to a decrease in demand by initially decreasing the speed of the variable speed pump. If the demand decreases further, the control algorithm will switch out one of the external pumps. The variable speed pump will then increase its speed to take up the demand. Applications It is specially designed for applications such as: b Irrigation stations b Sprinkling stations b Constant pressure water distribution and pumping systems b Booster stations Continuity of service for your installation The Water Solution can respond to a detected abnormal conditions in various ways, determined by the nature of the condition to minimize downtime. The Water Solutions card records the following for each pump: b Display the operating time b Reset the counter b Save the operating times The card also incorporates an OFF mode, used during maintenance operations. The Water Solutions card has a non-volatile RAM (NVRAM) for storing variable values. A lithium battery is included and used to prevent the data from being lost when the card is turned off. Description Part number Weight lbs kg Water solution multi-pump card Equipped with one 9-way male SUB-D connector VW3A3503 0.7 0.3

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