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45 Altivar 61 variable speed drives IMC Controller Card Accessories & Options SoMachine software platform Performance Reduce the time it takes to develop your machines b The use of a single SoMachine programming software environment offers a number of advantages: v A single project file v A single software program v A single download for the whole application b The ease of use of PLCopen function blocks significantly reduces the time needed to program motion control and independent axis control on machines. A more powerful machine The Altivar IMC integrated controller card has 8 tasks to suit different machine requirements (cyclic, event-triggered, free). A task can be synchronized with the task of the drive in which it is embedded. This task manages the speed reference, the torque reference, the speed feedback, the torque feedback, the number of encoder pulses feedback in order to increase machine performance. A more intelligent drive Performs more complex operations (2 MB memory) Reduces program loading time (Mini-B USB connectors) Communication with all the other system devices (built-in Ethernet and CANopen connection ports) Transparency of your machines Access to all the other devices in the system architecture via CANopen is totally transparent due to FDT/DTM technology. Development and technology The Altivar IMC integrated controller card has been developed with two criteria in mind: low cost and practicality. b Low cost because the standard equipment for the Altivar IMC card comprises: v Sixteen discrete I/O v A built-in Ethernet port v Two analog inputs v Two analog outputs v And a CANopen master b Practicality because the Altivar IMC card is ideal for integration in Altivar 61 drives, and can therefore use: v Their inputs/outputs v Their communication cards v Their parameters: speed, current, torque, etc. v Their remote graphic display keypad v And also the inputs/outputs in their I/O expansion cards v Plus the speed feedback counter in the encoder interface cards Software configuration Configuration and programming of the Altivar IMC integrated controller card and equipment in Schneider Electric's Flexible Machine Control" concept are both designed to cut costs and optimize your machine performance. Schneider Electric's SoMachine TM software platform can be used to program Altivar IMC integrated controller card using: b IEC 61131-3 programming languages: Instruction List (IL), Ladder Diagram (LD), Function Block Diagram (FBD), Sequential Function Chart/Grafcet (SFC) and Structured Text (ST) b CFC (Continuous Function Chart) language. PLCopen function blocks are used for managing motion control and axis control on your machines. Integration in the Schneider Electric product offer Combined with other OEM products in the Schneider Electric offer, such as Altivar variable speed drives, Lexium TM servo drives, Magelis TM HMI terminals, TeSys TM motor starters and contactors, the Altivar IMC integrated controller card can be integrated transparently in a number of architectures.

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