Altivar 61 And Altivar 61 Plus Variable Speed Drives Page 5 Introduction

5 Altivar 61 variable speed drives Introduction Applications The Altivar 61 drive incorporates advanced functions for optimum efficiency for applications in industrial and commercial buildings: b Ventilation b Air conditioning b Air purification, smoke extraction b Cooling tower applications b Pumping and booster stations b Irrigation stations b Pumps for lift stations, influent, effluent, sludge, and dewatering b Normal duty applications requiring up to 110% or 120% overload and not running continuously below 5 Hz Advanced functions The Altivar 61 drive meets many requirements due to its many integrated application functions, while helping improve the reliability of equipment with its protection and safety functions. Functions designed specifically for pump and fan applications b Energy saving ratio, 2 or 5 point quadratic ratio b Automatic catching a spinning load with speed detection b Adaptation of current limiting according to speed b Noise and resonance suppression due to the capability of adjusting the switching frequency up to 16 kHz (depending on the rating) and the possibility of configuring skip frequencies b Preset speeds b Integrated PID regulator b Automatic/manual (Auto/Man.) mode b Electricity and service hours meter b Zero flow and limited flow detection b Pump sleep function, wake-up function b Custom settings with display of physical measurements Protection functions b Motor and drive thermal protection, and PTC thermal probe management b Protection against overloads and overcurrents in continuous operation b Machine mechanical protection via skip frequency function, output phase rotation b Protection of the installation: underload or overload b Protection via management of fault notification and configurable alarms Safety functions b Equipment safety via the integrated Power Removal function This function stops the motor and helps preventing accidental restarts; it complies with machine safety standard ISO 1389-1, category 3 and the standard for functional safety IEC/EN 61508, SIL2 capability (safety control-signaling applied to processes and systems). This safety function means that the drive can be installed as part of the safety system for an Electrical/Electronic/Programmable Electronic control system relating to the safety of a machine or industrial process. Water treatment application Air purification application Air treatment application

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