Altivar 61 And Altivar 61 Plus Variable Speed Drives Page 50 Accessories and Options

50 Altivar 61 variable speed drives Accessories & Options Communication Card Options Functions All drive functions can be accessed via the network: b Configuration b Adjustment b Control b Monitoring The Altivar 61 drive's advanced functions provide excellent interfacing flexibility. They enable the different control sources (I/O, communication networks, communication cards and graphic display keypad) to be assigned to control functions that satisfy the requirements of numerous, complex applications. Network configuration is simplified through the provision of configuration software (configurator for SyCon networks, etc.). For the integrated Modbus and CANopen ports and the communication cards for industrial applications, the Altivar 61 drive can be controlled: b According to the CiA 402 profile b According to the I/O profile, where control is as simple and adaptable as control via the I/O terminals. The DeviceNet card also supports CIP AC Drive and Allen-Bradley drive profiles; PROFIBUS DP V0 and V1 cards also support the PROFIdrive profile. Communication is monitored according to the specific criteria for each protocol. However, regardless of the protocol, it is possible to configure how the drive responds to a communication fault: b Freewheel stop, stop on ramp, fast stop or braked stop b Maintain the last command received b Fallback position at a predefined speed b Ignore the fault A command from the CANopen machine bus is processed with the same priority as one of the drive terminal inputs. This results in excellent response times on the network port via the CANopen adaptor.

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