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63 Altivar 61 variable speed drives Introduction E-Flex Introduction Schneider Electric's Square D brand E-Flex AC drives provide the optimum combination of efficiency and economy for HVAC and pump applications in both commercial and industrial environments. Well suited for commercial buildings, hospitals, airports, schools, and water/wastewater facilities HVAC pump and fan applications, the Square D brand E-Flex enclosed drive controller provides an efficient and economical AC drive solution. Designed to withstand harsh environments in demanding commercial buildings, the E-Flex Enclosed Drive Controller meets building code seismic specifications for ground level and roof mounted applications. Square D E-Flex enclosed drive controllers can meet both indoor and outdoor application requirements with Type 1, Type 12/12K and Type 3R enclosures. Applications AC drives help increase the energy efficiency of HVAC equipment by reducing motor speeds, thereby reducing electricity usage in: b Air handling units b Supply and return fans b Ventilation fans b Cooling tower pumps and fans b Hot water pumps b Chilled water pumps Features The E-Flex Enclosed Drive Controller is available in: b 1 to 50 hp at 208 Vac and 230 Vac b 1 to 100 hp at 460 Vac Built to provide an efficient and economical application solution, the E-Flex Enclosed Drive Controller offers: Performance under pressure b UL 508C Listed to exceed minimum UL short-circuit requirements b 100,000 AIC short circuit protection without current limiting fuses b Advanced technology platform increases reliability and uptime; reducing the number of components needed on hand. b Industrial-rated control operators and pilot devices Easy to Control b Large backlit LCD graphic screen with customizable display b Clear text in six languages b Navigation wheel for easy scrolling through menus b Pre-programmed for HVAC variable torque operation b Light indicators for Power, Fault, Run, and Bypass b Test-Normal selector switch permits testing of the drive controller Fully Protected b Circuit breaker disconnect provides short circuit protection b 3% line reactor provides transient protection from surge and overvoltage conditions, and minimizes line harmonics b Enclosure designed to reduce radio frequency interference b Meets International Building Code and ASCE1 standards for seismic specifications b Thermal management system for operation in extreme temperatures 14 F to 122 F (-10 C to 50 C) for Type 3R enclosures Expandable Capabilities b LonWorks, BACnet, Modbus, Unitelway, Ethernet TCP/IP, Apogee P1, Profibus, and Metasys N2 communications capability b HVAC controls provide end damper, smoke purge relays, and fire/freeze stat for full speed fire safety override Enclosure Styles b Type 1 enclosures are designed specifically for indoor, non-dusty environments b Type 12/12K enclosures are designed for protection from dust and dripping liquid b Type 3R enclosures permit installation on rooftops or other outdoor locations to free up space in mechanical equipment rooms, and allow operations in temperature ranges from +14 to +122 degrees F (-10 to +50 degrees C).

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