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Altivar 61 variable speed drives


Eco-friendly and energy-saving

In addition to providing energy savings on pump and fan installations, the Altivar 61 drive has been designed as an eco-friendly product (using 90 % recyclable materials, compliant with environmental standard ISO 14040). It is RoHS-compliant.

Compliance with international standards and certifications

The entire range conforms to international standards IEC/EN 61800-5-1, IEC/EN 61800-2, IEC/EN 61800-3, is UL 508C, CSA, DNV, C-Tick, NOM 117 and GOST certified, and has been developed to meet the requirements of directives regarding the protection of the environment (RoHS, WEEE, etc.) as well as those of European Directives ( e mark).

Functional safety and ATEX applications

The Altivar 61 drive features a Power Removal safety function that is designed to help improve motor stopping and help prevent accidental restarts. This safety function means that the drive can be installed as part of the safety system for an Electrical/Electronic/Programmable Electronic control system relating to the safety of a machine or industrial process. It meets the requirements of category 3 of the ISO 1384 machine safety standard, SIL 2 of IEC/EN 61508 and standard IEC/EN 61800-5-2 which covers the functional safety requirements of power drive products. The Power Removal safety function also enables the Altivar 61 drive to offer protection for motors installed in explosive atmospheres (ATEX certification).

Product range


The Altivar 61 AC drive is designed for the control of three-phase asynchronous and synchronous motors in variable-torque and normal duty applications. It includes an LCD Graphic display keypad with an easy-to-read display and navigation wheel that allows users to scroll through drop-down menus. The Altivar 61 comes standard with: LCD graphic keypad, eight lines of 24 characters Integrated RJ45 port, Modbus, or CAN networks selectable Removable control terminal block with the following I/O: Six logic inputs One power removal input Two analog inputs One analog output Two relay outputs (1NO/NC, 1NO) The Altivar 61 drive integrates the Modbus and CANopen protocols as standard, as well as over 150 functions. These functions can be extended using communication option cards, I/O extension cards, or an Integrated Machine controller card, which allows customer programming in the SoMachine environment. External options such as line reactors, and filters complete the offer.

Mounting options

The Altivar 61 drive can be mounted in a variety of ways. Wall Mounting The Altivar 61 can be mounted directly on a wall without having to be installed inside an enclosure. UL Type 1 can be achieved using kits VW3A92 pp . Flange-mounting in enclosure The Altivar 61 drive has been designed to optimize the size of enclosures by mounting the power section and heatsink out the back of the enclosure. This type of flange-mounting can be used to reduce the size of enclosure required and to limit the temperature rise inside the enclosure: b The power section, with Type 12/IP 54 degree of protection, can be mounted outside the enclosure using kit VW3A95 pp . This type of mounting can lead to ambient temperatures of up to 60C inside the enclosure without derating. It may be necessary to use a control card fan kit VW3A94 pp appropriate for the drive rating in order to avoid hot spots.

Electromagnetic compatibility

Observing requirements of electromagnetic compatibility were considered from the design stage. The incorporation of EMC filters in ATV61H ppp M3 , ATV61 pppp N4 , and ATV61 pppp Y drives and the recognition of EMC requirements facilitates installation and provides economical means of helping ensure that machines receive the e mark. ATV61H ppp M3X and ATV61H ppp S6X drives have been designed without an EMC filter. Filters are available as an option and can be installed by the customer to reduce the level of emissions.

Product Range

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