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Altivar 61 variable speed drives

Introduction M-Flex


Schneider Electric has offered packaged drive solutions for industry for over 30 years. The M-Flex enclosed drive features the Altivar 61 adjustable frequency power converters to provide a robust, packaged adjustable-speed solution for industrial and municipal process applications where high functionality of features are required. M-Flex enclosed drive controllers offer a platform of standard, engineered and special features to meet the most demanding application and specification requirements. M-Flex enclosed drive controllers are low-voltage products available in the following ratings: Variable torque (Normal-duty ratings - 110% current limit): Altivar 61 power converter 1 hp to 500 hp, 460 V 1 hp to 50 hp, 208 V/230 V M-Flex enclosed drive controllers are available in Type 1 general purpose or Type 12/12K drip-/dust-proof enclosures in integrated or barriered designs. Integrated enclosures can be wall or floor mounted, depending on size. They provide a circuit breaker disconnect and enough room for power peripherals, including isolation and bypass contactors, all within the same enclosure. Barriered enclosures separate power and control circuits, such as bypass, from drive control. The separate compartments allow for maximum flexibility if servicing a drive in bypass operation.


The M-Flex enclosed offer is well suited to applications requiring a heavy duty enclosed drive in the following market segments: MMM b Slurry pumps b Shaft ventilation b Oil and Gas b Pumping b Compressors b Booster stations WWW b Pumps for lift stations, influent, effluent, sludge and de-watering b Blowers b Centrifuges OTHER b Irrigation b Cooler tower b Normal duty applications requiring 110% overload and not running continuously below 5 Hz The Altivar 61 drive's advanced functions boost performance levels and make machines more versatile so they can be used for a large number of applications.

Barriered construction Integrated construction Oil and Gas MMM WWW

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