Altivar 61 And Altivar 61 Plus Variable Speed Drives Page 78 Altivar Plus 125-900 HP

78 Altivar 61 variable speed drives Introduction Altivar Plus Introduction Schneider Electric Altivar Plus enclosed drives feature the Altivar 61 adjustable frequency drives providing a robust, packaged, adjustable speed solution for commercial, industrial, and municipal applications. These drives combine the reliability and ease of use of the Altivar drives family with proven, validated, and tested drive system designs. Variable torque b 125-900 hp, 460 Vac b 125-800 hp, 600 Vac Altivar Plus enclosed drives are: b Pre-engineered, ready-to-use solutions in highly efficient designs b Tested and validated before shipment to provide smooth installation b Modular and compact to maximize space utilization b Easy to set up and commission with intuitive operator interface b UL Type 12 enclosures b Reliable: proven Altivar drives technology maximized productivity and quality b Flexible for programming and communication requirements: graphic display keypad with customizable display and many field-bus option for easy integration into existing automation systems b Flexible for control systems: large swiveling control panel for customization of drive controls b Easy to maintain: inverter mounted on rails b Flexible for application requirements: incoming/outgoing section configurable to your needs b Equipped with technical support: global expertise combined with a responsive local support and service for unsurpassed reliability Applications Altivar Plus enclosed drives are designed for a variety of applications including: Mining, Minerals, & Metals b Feeders/conveyors b Crushers, slurry pumps b Tunnel ventilation Oil & Gas b Drilling rigs b Jack and slurry pumps b Oil-line and submersible pumps Water/Wastewater b Distribution and chemical pumps b Blowers b Compressors Other b Marine b Energy Introduc Schneider Electr frequency drives commercial, ind reliability and ea tested drive syst Variable torque b 125-900 hp, 4 b 125-800 hp, 6 Altivar Plus enclo b Pre-engineer b Tested and va b Modular and b Easy to set up b UL Type 12 e b Reliable: prov b Flexible for p keypad with cus existing automat b Flexible for co drive controls b Easy to maint b Flexible for ap your needs b Equipped wit local support an Applicat A pp li t Altivar Plus enclo Mining, Minerals b Feeders/conv b Crushers, slu b Tunnel ventila Oil & Gas b Drilling rigs b Jack and slur b Oil-line and s Water/Wastewat b Distribution a b Blowers C

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