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Altivar 61 And Altivar 61 Plus Variable Speed Drives - Page 9 Introduction


Altivar 61 variable speed drives


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ATV 312 M340 PLC OTB I/O Sensor CANopen master Ethernet STB I/O ATV 61 Magelis XBT Modbus

A wide range of options

The Altivar 61 has a wide range of options to adapt to a variety of installations and applications.

Option cards

The Altivar 61 drive (1) can integrate up to three different option cards simultaneously, including: b Two of the following cards: v I/O extension cards (two versions available) (2) v Communication cards (2) v Integrated Machine Controller programmable card (2) to adapt the variable speed drive to specific applications

Other options

Numerous other external options can be combined with the Altivar 61: b Flange Mounting kits to mount the heatsink outside of an enclosure b Type 1 Conduit kits which provide conduit landing when wall mounting the drive b Line reactors and passive filters to reduce harmonic currents b Additional EMC input filters to reduce conducted emissions on the incoming power line b Load reactors and output filters for long cable runs

Integration into PLC architectures

The Altivar 61 drive has a built-in combined Modbus or CANopen port for quick, accurate control, adjustment, supervision and configuration. A second RJ45 port is available on the face of the product and can accept the graphic display keypad or for a Magelis terminal for a user interface. The Altivar 61 drive can be integrated into many networked industrial applications using the communication option cards. The following protocols are available: Modbus TCP Daisy Chain, Modbus/Uni-Telway, EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS DP V0 and V1, and Profinet. In addition, the Altivar 61 is able to interface with the most common Building Automation Systems: BACnet, LonWorks, METASYS N2, and APOGEE


FLN. The option of powering the control section separately enables communication (monitoring, diagnostics) to be maintained even if there is no power supply to the control section. The Integrated Machine Controller (IMC) card transforms the drive into an automation island. This is used to adapt the drive to customized applications by decentralizing the control system functions: b The IMC card has additional I/O; it can also manage the drive I/O and an I/O extension card. b It contains onboard application programs developed in IEC/EN 61131-3 languages. b Its CANopen master port enables control of other drives and dialogue with I/O modules and sensors.


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