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Altivar 71 variable speed drives

Accessories & Options Mounting Options

Control card fan kit

(for ATV71H ppppp drives on heatsink)

This kit is required for ATV71HD18M3XHD45M3X, ATV71HD22N4HD75N4 and ATV71HU22YHD90Y drives in order that they can operate at ambient temperatures between 50C and 60C, for example if they are mounted in a Type 12/ IP 54 enclosure. The circulation of air around the electronic cards prevents the formation of hot spots. To ascertain the derating to be applied to the drive nominal current, please refer to the curves in the Installation Manual. The kit (1) is mounted on the upper part of the drive. It is powered by the drive and includes: b A fan subassembly b Mounting screws b A manual

t h g i e W r e b m u n t r a P s e v i r d r o F lbs kg ATV71HD18M3X, HD22M3X ATV71HD22N4 ATV71HU22YHD30Y VW3A9404 1 .5 ATV71HD30N4, HD37N4 VW3A9405 2 .9 ATV71HD30M3XHD45M3X VW3A9406 3 1.4 ATV71HD45N4HD75N4 ATV71HD37YHD90Y VW3A9407 3 1.4


Control card fan kit

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