Altivar 71 And Altivar 71 Plus Variable Speed Drives Page 31 Accessories and Options

31 Altivar 71 variable speed drives Accessories & Options Mounting Options Kit for flush-mounting in a dust and damp proof enclosure (for ATV71H ppppp drives on heatsink) This kit can be used to mount the power section of the drive outside the enclosure, which reduces the power dissipated into the enclosure (1) . It is available for ATV71H ppp M3, ATV71H ppp M3X, ATV71H075N4HC28N4, ATV71HD90N4DHC28N4D and ATV71HU22YHC31Y drives. With this type of mounting, the maximum internal temperature in the enclosure can then reach 60C without it being necessary to derate the drive. Between 50C and 60C, a control card fan kit must be used for ATV71HD18M3XHD45M3X, ATV71HD22N4HD75N4, ATV71H ppp S6X and ATV71HU22YHD90Y drives to prevent hot spots. The back of the enclosure must be drilled and cut out for this type of mounting. The kit includes: b A metal frame of the right size for the drive rating b Corner pieces b Seals b A fan support (this can be used to move the fans so that they can be accessed from the front of the enclosure) b Mounting screws b A manual For drives Part number Weight lbs kg ATV71H037M3HU15M3 ATV71H075N4HU22N4 VW3A9501 6 2.7 ATV71HU22M3HU40M3 ATV71HU30N4, HU40N4 VW3A9502 6.8 3.1 ATV71HU55M3 ATV71HU55N4, HU75N4 VW3A9503 8.2 3.7 ATV71HU75M3 ATV71HD11N4 ATV71HU15S6XHU75S6X VW3A9504 10.1 4.6 ATV71HD11M3X, HD15M3X ATV71HD15N4, HD18N4 VW3A9505 10.8 4.9 ATV71HD18M3X, HD22M3X ATV71HD22N4 ATV71HU22YHD30Y VW3A9506 8.6 3.9 ATV71HD30N4, HD37N4 VW3A9507 9.3 4.2 ATV71HD30M3XHD45M3X VW3A9508 10.8 4.9 ATV71HD45N4HD75N4 ATV71HD37YHD90Y VW3A9509 11.5 5.2 ATV71HD55M3X (2) ATV71HD90N4 (2) ATV71HD90N4D (3) VW3A9510 11.2 5.1 ATV71HD75M3X (2) ATV71HC11N4 (2) ATV71HC11N4D (3) VW3A9511 7.9 3.6 ATV71HC13N4 (2) ATV71HC13N4D (3) ATV71HC11YHC16Y (4) VW3A9512 9.5 4.3 ATV71HC16N4 (2) ATV71HC16N4D (3) VW3A9513 9.7 4.4 ATV71HC20N4HC28N4 (2) ATV71HC20N4DHC28N4D (3) ATV71HC20YHC31Y (4) Without braking unit VW3A9514 10.4 4.7 (1) Power dissipated in the enclosure for dust and damp proof flush-mounting. (2) Drives supplied as standard with a DC choke. In this case, cut out and drill the enclosure for the choke. (3) Drives supplied without DC choke. (4) Drives supplied as standard with a transformer for the fan. In this case, cut out and drill the enclosure for the transformer. ATV71HU75N4 flush-mounted drive ATV71HC28N4D flush-mounted drive

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