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Altivar 71 variable speed drives

IMC Controller Card Accessories & Options

Analog functions High-speed counter function (one-phase or two-phase)

CANopen (1 Mbps) up to 2 high-speed counters (100 kHz) Altivar 71 + Altivar IMC integrated controller card

Machine with CANopen architecture: - Lifting motion: Altivar 71 - Translatory motion: Altivar 312 - Carriage motion: Altivar 312


Analog functions

For machines that require functions to process data issued by analog sensors/ actuators (voltage or current), temperature sensors, pressure or PID control sensors, the Altivar IMC card has, as standard, 2 analog inputs (voltage or current) with 10-bit resolution and 2 analog outputs (current) with 10-bit resolution. 1 Altivar IMC integrated controller card installed on Altivar 61 2 Pressure sensor 3 Variable speed pump 4 Fixed speed pumps

HSC high-speed counting and/or incremental encoder function

In order to meet requirements for machine productivity, the Altivar IMC has 2 embedded high-speed counters with a counting frequency of 100 kHz for each channel as well as 4 reflex outputs. The availability of these embedded counters and also the presence of the master CANopen link makes it quick and easy to create low-cost, high- performance multi-axis functions that suit the machines limitations. With the availability of "PLCopen" function blocks specific to the motion control functions in the SoMachine software, application development is sure to be quick and reliable. In addition, these high-speed counting inputs can be used as an incremental encoder (A/B) with a frequency of 100 kHz in order to adapt to the machine's specific requirements.

Position control function

Several options are offered in terms of position control: b Either creating a sequence in Lexium 32 servo drives, with communication with the Altivar IMC integrated controller card achieved by the use of discrete I/O b Or creating an application in the Altivar IMC card and controlling the Lexium 32A/ Lexium 32M servo drives and/or SD3 pp stepper motor drives via the master CANopen integrated link.

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