Altivar 71 And Altivar 71 Plus Variable Speed Drives Page 46 Accessories and Options

46 Altivar 71 variable speed drives IMC Controller Card Accessories & Options Communication The Altivar IMC integrated controller card has the following built-in communication ports: Communication ports Use 1 x RJ45 (MDI/MDIX port) v FTP server v Web server v Modbus TCP server v Modbus TCP client v Manager SoMachine v SNMP v Modbus device 1 x mini-USB Programming port (480 Mbps) 1 x 9-way male SUB-D Master CANopen connection Embedded Ethernet The Altivar IMC integrated controller card has an embedded Ethernet link via a direct connection to its RJ45 port. b Speed: "10 BaseT" and "100 BaseTX" with auto-negotiation b RJ45 port (MDI/MDIX): automatic adaptation to a straight or crossed cable Protocols Number of connections Modbus server 8 Modbus device 2 FTP server 4 Web server 10 Description The Altivar IMC integrated controller card comprises: 1 Three spring connectors for: v 10 digital inputs v 6 digital outputs v 2 analog inputs v 2 analog outputs v 2 commons 2 A connector with removable screw terminals, 3 contacts at intervals of 3.81 for the 24 V c power supply 3 A mini USB-B connector for programming using SoMachine software 4 A 9-way SUB-D connector for connection to the CANopen machine bus 5 An RJ45 connector for connection of the SoMachine software workshop and/or connection to an Ethernet Modbus TCP network 6 Five LEDs: v 1 green/yellow ETH LED for Ethernet activity v 1 green/red NS (Network status) LED v 1 green/red MS (Module status) LED v 1 green/red CAN (CANopen activity) LED v 1 green/red LED programmable by the user 7 Four configuration selector switches 2 3 4 5 1 7 6

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