Altivar 71 And Altivar 71 Plus Variable Speed Drives Page 47 Accessories and Options

47 Altivar 71 variable speed drives Accessories & Options Communication Card Options Communication buses and networks The Altivar 71 drive has been designed to meet all the configuration requirements encountered within the context of industrial communication installations. Integrated communication protocols It includes Modbus and CANopen communication protocols as standard. Two integrated communication ports enable direct access to the Modbus protocol: b One RJ45 Modbus terminal port (1) , located on the drive front panel, which is used to connect a Human Machine Interface or one of the following configuration tools: v Remote graphic display keypad v Magelis industrial HMI terminal v SoMove setup software v Simple Loader and Multi-Loader configuration tools b One RJ45 Modbus network port (2) , located on the drive's control keypads which is assigned to control and signaling by a PLC or by another type of controller. It can also be used to connect a terminal or the SoMove setup software. The CANopen protocol can be accessed from the Modbus network port (2) via the daisy chain tap or the CANopen adaptor (3) . In this case, the terminal port (1) must be used to access the Modbus protocol. Optional communication cards The Altivar 71 drive can also be connected to the following industrial communication buses and networks by adding one of the communication option cards: b Modbus TCP Daisy Chain b Modbus/Uni-Telway (this card provides access to additional functions, which complement those of the integrated ports (Modbus ASCII and 4-wire RS 485)) b EtherNet/IP b DeviceNet b PROFIBUS DP V0 and V1 b EtherCAT b Profinet b EtherNet RSTP: Modbus TCP/IP (selectable) The option of powering the control part separately enables communication to be maintained (monitoring, diagnostics) even if there is no power supply to the power part. The main communication functions of Altivar 58 and Altivar 58F drives are compatible with the Altivar 71: b Connection b Communication services b Drive behavior (profile) b Control and monitoring parameters b Standard adjustment parameters 1 2 3 Integrated communication for Modbus and CANopen protocols Configuration example on CANopen machine bus Sensors M238 logic controller Magelis XBT ATV312 Osicoder encoder ATV71

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