Altivar 71 And Altivar 71 Plus Variable Speed Drives Page 5 Introduction

5 Altivar 71 variable speed drives Introduction Hoisting application Wood-working machine application Packaging application Applications The Altivar 71 excels at the following types of applications: b 150% overload for 60 seconds, or momentary loads of up to 220%, such as aggregate conveyance, package gapping, sorters, crushers, and cutting equipment b High starting torque and maximum motor torque at low speeds such as hoisting, extruders, and metal forming machinery b High dynamic speed response to changing loads such as palletizers, packaging, winding, mixing, and process machine applications b Motor encoder feedback to provide motor rotation required in some hoisting and positioning equipment b Flexibility for unbalanced machines with the ENA (ENergy Adaptation) System The Altivar 71 drive's advanced functions boost performance levels and make machines more versatile so they can be used for a large number of applications. Hoisting b Brake control adapted for translational, hoisting and slewing movements b Load measurement using weight sensor b High-speed hoisting b Brake feedback management b Limit switch management Material handling b Quick response times on transmission of a command: 2 ms ( 0.5 ms) b Speed reference via pulse train or differential analog input b Control via the principal communication networks b Position control via limit switches with time optimization at low speed b Multiple parameter settings via parameter set switching Packaging b Up to 50 Hz of bandwidth b Quick response times on change of reference 2 ms ( 0.5 ms) b Control via integrated CANopen machine bus b Position control via limit switches Material-working machines b High-speed operation b Fast controlled stop on loss of line supply b Control via integrated machine controller (IMC) card b Protection of material against over torque Process machinery b PID regulator b High-resolution references b Speed control or torque control b Connection to common communication networks b Separate control section power supply b Managed braking torque b Common DC bus connection Applications

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