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Altivar 71 variable speed drives


Key benefits

b Custom performance - customized to provide optimal performance to meet specific industrial, municipal and high-end commercial application requirements. b Ease of use - features easy-to-use graphic terminal display and operators mounted on enclosure doors, which are pre-programmed by the factory to save set-up time and money when commissioning. b Simple installation - available with either pre-punched conduit knockouts or top and bottom removable conduit plates to save time and prevent metal filings inside enclosure during installation. b Structural integrity - UL 508C listed to exceed minimum UL short circuit requirements and enhance personnel safety under short circuit conditions for both drive and bypass mode. b Increased functionality - offered with both integral and barriered enclosures for flexibility in meeting specific application needs. A circuit breaker disconnect provides coordinated short circuit rating at 100,000 A. b Reliable operation - fully-rated (AC3 duty) motor isolation and bypass contactors with electrical and mechanical and electrical interlocks prevent accidental voltage feedback. An integrated AC line reactor provides transient protection from surge and over voltage conditions while minimizing line harmonics.

Seismic qualification for new generation of building codes

All M-Flex enclosed drive controllers meet IBC and ASCE 7 seismic qualification requirements in accordance with the ICC ES AC156 shaker table testing protocol. Many states and jurisdictions are beginning enforcement of the seismic guidelines for installed equipment contained in the IBC. The M-Flex enclosed drive controllers were subjected to actual shaker table tests, not just theoretical calculations for seismic ratings or obsolete requirements of the UBC. The M-Flex enclosed drive controller meets the structural integrity when installed to our published guidelines, and can be specified for use in applications that require an Ip = 1.5, which means operational status can be restored subsequent to a seismic event.

Construction methodology

b Assembled in the U.S. b 100,000 A symmetrical SCCR b ANSI #49 powder-coat steel enclosures b Dedicated plenum for air flow b White back panels for improved visibility b Seismic qualification

Components used

b Altivar 61 and 71 drives b Powerpact


H and J-Frame circuit breakers b AC line reactor - 3% standard (5% optional) b XB5 22 mm push buttons and operators b TeSys D-Line contactors b Type R industrial control relays b PowerLogic


power circuit monitors

Introduction M-Flex

3% AC line reactor Customer interface terminal blocks (TB1) Circuit breaker disconnect 120 VAC control transformer 3-15 PSI input (if used) 22 mm dedicated door mounted operators Heatsink/flange assembly Altivar 61 or 71 power converter Control relay/logic rail Customer interface terminal blocks (TB2) Fan assembly with front access (for maintenance and replacement) Line contactor (if used) Isolation and bypass contactors (if used) Document pocket

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