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Altivar 71 variable speed drives

Graphic display keypad & configuration tools

Graphic display keypad

The Altivar 71 drive (1) is supplied with a graphic display keypad (2) . It is user-friendly, offering quick and easy access to the plain text menus and advanced functions, and online help screens in six languages. Four configuration files can be stored in the graphic display keypad. Customizable units can be created to display machine applicable data. It can be mounted remotely on an enclosure door with Type 12 or IP 54 degree of protection. The drive's application functions are easily accessible via the user dial and programmable function keys on the display unit.

SoMove setup software

(3) SoMove software for PCs can be used to configure, adjust and debug the Altivar 71 drive with the Oscilloscope function and also for maintenance of this drive. It can also be used to customize the integrated display keypad menus. It can be used with a direct cable connection or a Bluetooth wireless connection. The Altivar 71 requires the use of the Modbus-Bluetooth adaptor (4) .

Simple Loader and Multi-Loader programming tools

The Simple Loader tool (5) enables one drive's configuration to be downloaded, saved, and up-loaded with a simple, two button device. The Multi-Loader tool (6) enables a number of configurations to be stored from the SoMove software to be saved or copied and downloaded to another drive. The Altivar 71 drives must be powered up.

Quick programming

Simply Start menu The Simply start menu can be used to quickly enter the minimum parameters to get the drive running, maximize motor performance and provide motor protection. The architecture, the hierarchical parameter structure and the direct access functions serve to make programming quick and easy, even for the more complex functions. Macro-configuration The Altivar 71 drive offers quick and easy programming using macro-configurations for different applications: b Simple start-stop applications b Material handling b Hoisting b General use b Connection to communication networks b PID regulator applications b Master/slave applications After a macro configuration is selected, the user can further modify and customize the settings.



Product Range


2 3 4


Built-in, monitoring and diagnostic functions

The Altivar 71 has numerous built-in monitoring and diagnostic functions: b Built-in drive test functions with diagnostic screen on the graphic display keypad b I/O maps for active status display of inputs and outputs b Communication maps for the different ports b Oscilloscope function that can be viewed using the SoMove setup software b Apply filtering and scaling to analog inputs and outputs b Remote use of these functions by connecting the drive to an identification of the drive's part number, ratings and software versions b Error logs with display of the value of up to 16 variables at time of a fault b Add timing delays to logic inputs, logic outputs and relay outputs b A service message of up to 5 lines of 24 characters can be stored in the drive


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