Altivar Process 600 Variable Speed Drives Page 11 Specifications

11 Altivar Process 600 variable speed drives Pump Functionality Introduction Flow Limitation Allows user to limit the flow of the system to a configured value. Sleep/Wake Up Manages periods where demand is low and main pumps do not need to remain running. It saves energy and prevents premature aging. The user can select the sleep mode activation: on sensor value, on switch or external condition, on speed, or on power level. Sleep Boost When entering in Sleep mode, a boosting phase allows increasing pressure just before stopping the pump. It prevents from quick restart in case of low demand. Low Demand Define periods of the application where water demand is low in order to save energy. Jockey Pump Control During Sleep mode, a Jockey pump can be started to maintain emergency service pressure or to meet a low demand. Anti-Jam Removes clogging substances from the pump impellers with quick forward and reverse operation. It can be triggered automatically or manually. Advance Sleep Checking Used to periodically monitor demand when pump curve is flat and flow switch or meter isn't installed Pipe Cleaning Used to start the pump periodically to avoid sedimentation in the pump housing. Centrifugal Pump Start & Stop Defines speed profile & control the start & stop of the pump. Multi-Pump Control (Booster) Drive to Drive Define control of several pumps Sensor Management Define how the drive I/O will be used to manage pressure sensor or flow sensor inputs. Process Control (PID) Maintains a process at a given pressure or flow reference in the water network. Level Control Used to manage an upper level limit or lower level limit of a liquid in a tank. Friction Loss Compensation Helps to maintain constant pressure by monitoring flow in order to compensate pressure losses over pipes by estimating the pressure drop due to friction. Application Modes Define running modes of the application, control inputs and monitoring outputs related to application. Priming Pump Control The priming pump maintains a supply to the inlet of the main pump by running before the lead pump starts. Pipe Fill Used on the start cycle to prevent water hammer and associated mechanical stresses in pipes when a system is filled in too quickly. Outlet Pressure Protection Min Pressure (detection of Pipe Burst, low outlet pressure while pump is loaded) Max Pressure (prevention of Pipe Burst, detect running outside normal working area)

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