Altivar Process 600 Variable Speed Drives Page 14 Specifications

14 Altivar Process 600 variable speed drives Pump Functionality Introduction Total Quantity The estimated total cumulated quantity (volume or mass) when a flow rate sensor is used. Installation related Cumulated Values & Counts are recorded for the full life of the installation and can be reset or modified (e.g. in case of device replacement) by customer. Outlet Pressure The measured pressure at outlet/discharge of the pump system or installation. Inlet Pressure The measured pressure at inlet/suction of the pump system or installation. Level The measured level of the installation when level control is activated. Installation Flow Rate The measured total flow rate of the installation. Pump Status Status of the pump controlled by VSD (Running, Stopped, Anti-Jam, Fault detected) Pump Curves User has the possibility to input 6 points from a pump curve (including BEP) for better control and monitoring of the process. Curves can be in Head vs Flow, Power vs. Flow, or Power vs Speed Energy Consumption Allows the display of several values: Instantaneous input power, Input energy consumed, Instantaneous output power, Cumulated output energy consumed. They can be logged and viewed by hour, week, month, and year. It can also estimate the energy bill based on usage and rate as input by the user. Power Drift Detection Can manage alarms to alert user when power consumed is either too low or too high compared to expected value Energy Saved The drive will display energy saved while the motor is running. Pump Thermal Monitoring Helps prevent equipment damage due to high temperature by monitoring the real temperature by the drive. Motor Thermal Monitoring Helps prevent motor damage from overheating by an estimation of the thermal state of the motor.

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