Altivar Process 600 Variable Speed Drives Page 16 Specifications

16 Altivar Process 600 variable speed drives Electrical Specifications Electrical Specifications (continued) Slip compensation Automatic. Can be suppressed or adjusted. Drive noise level Conforming to directive 86-188/EEC ATV630D11M3 dBA 65 ATV630D15M3...D22M3 dBA 75 ATV630D30M3...D45M3 dBA 78 ATV630D55M3...D75M3 dBA 76 ATV630D15N4...D22N4 dBA 65 ATV630D30N4...D45N4 dBA 75 ATV630D55N4...D90N4 dBA 78 ATV630C11N4...C16N4 dBA 76 Indicator 1 LED red for presence of voltage 4 LEDs dual color for communication module status 3 LEDs dual color for embedded communication status 3 LEDs for local diagnostic Electrical impedance ATV630U07M3...U55M3 ATV630U07N4...C13N4 Integrated DC Choke Inductance of approximately 1.5-2% ATV630U75M3...D55M3 ATV630C16N4 Integrated DC choke Inductance of approximately 2.5-3% ATV630D75M3 Integrated DC choke Inductance of approximately 4% Electrical isolation Between power and control (inputs, outputs, power supplies) Acceleration and deceleration ramps Ramp profiles: Linear, can be adjusted separately from 0.01 to 9000 s S, U or customized Automatic adaptation of deceleration ramp time if braking capacities exceeded, programmable inhibition of this adaptation. Braking to a standstill By DC injection: By a command on a programmable logic input Automatically as soon as the estimated output frequency drops to < 0.1 Hz, period adjustable from 0 to 60 s or continuous, current adjustable from 0 to 1.1 In. for normal duty rating and 0 to 1.4 In. for heavy duty rating. Main drive protection and protection features Thermal protection: Drive overtemperature On the power stage Protection against: Internal short-circuits between motor phases Overcurrents between output phases and ground Overvoltages on the DC bus Loss of follower signal Exceeding maximum speed setting Line supply overvoltage and undervoltage Input phase loss, with three-phase input Motor protection Class 10 motor thermal protection integrated in drive via continuous calculation of I 2 t taking speed into account: The motor thermal state is saved when the drive is powered down. Function can be modified depending on the type of motor (force-cooled or self-cooled). Protection against motor phase loss Protection with user supplied PTC probes Safe Torque Off Dielectric strength ATV630 ppp M3 Between ground and power terminals: 2830 V c ATV630 pppp N4 Between ground and power terminals: 3535 V c Between ground and power terminals: 3110 V c Insulation resistance to ground > 1 M W (electrical isolation) 500 V c for 1 minute Frequency resolution Display units Hz 0.1 Analog inputs Hz 0.012/50 Hz (12 bits)

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