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Altivar Process 600 variable speed drives

Keypad Graphic Display

Graphic display Keypad

This graphic display keypad is supplied with the Alivar Process drive. This keypad can be: Connected and mounted on the front of the drive Connected and mounted on an enclosure door using a remote mounting accessories Connected to a PC to exchange files via a Mini USB/USB connection Connected to several drives in multidrop mode This keypad is used to: Control, adjust, and configure the drive Display current values (motor, I/O, and process data) Display graphic dashboards such as the energy consumption monitoring dashboard Store and download configurations (several configuration files can be stored in the 16 MB memory) Duplicate the configuration of one powered-up drive to another powered-up drive Copy configurations from a PC or drive and duplicate them on another drive (the drives must be powered on for the duration of the duplication operations) Other keypad characteristics: Integrated languages covering many countries around the world 2-color backlit display (white and red); if an error is detected, the red backlight is activated automatically (This function can be disabled if needed) Operating range: -15...50 C/ +5...122 F Type 12/ IP 65 protection Trend curves: graphic display of changes over time in monitoring variables, energy data, and process data Graphic display of a pump's dynamic operation in relation to its optimum operation Embedded dynamic QR codes for providing contextual, instantaneous access to online help (diagnostics and settings, etc.) using a smartphone or tablet Real-time clock with backup battery for providing data acquisition and event timestamping functions even when the drive is stopped


Display: 8 lines, 240 x 160 pixels Displays bar charts, gauges, and trend charts 4 function keys to facilitate navigation and provide contextual links for enabling functions STOP/RESET" button: local control of motor stop command/clearing detected faults RUN" button: local control of motor run command Navigation buttons: OK button: saves the current value (ENT) Capacitive wheel dial : increases or decreases the value, goes to the next or previous line ESC" button: aborts a value, parameter, or menu to return to the previous selection home: root menu information ( i ): contextual help

Part Number

Description Part Number Weight kg/lb Graphic display keypad (supplied with drive) VW3A1111 0.200/0.441

Remote graphic display terminal (example shows dynamic pump operation in relation to its optimum operation) Detected fault: the screen's red backlight is activated automatically Scanning the QR code from a smartphone or tablet Instant access to online help Embedded dynamic QR codes for contextual, instantaneous access to online help

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