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30 Altivar Process 600 variable speed drives Accessories & Options Mounting Options Kit for mounting heat sink & power section external to enclosure This kit can be used to mount the power section of the drive outside the enclosure, which reduces the power dissipated into the enclosure . Kits are available for frame sizes 1-5: ATV630U07M3...ATV630D45M3 ATV630U07N4...ATV630D90N4 With this type of mounting, the enclosure size can be reduced as the enclosure surface area needed to dissipate the heat in the enclosure is minimized. See the selection tables for dissipated power of the drive and power dissipated in the enclosure when using this kit to mount the heat sink and power section out the back of the enclosure. The back of the enclosure must be cut to accept the metal frame that comes with the kit. The kit includes: b A metal frame of the right frame size for the drive rating b Seals b Mounting screws b Instruction sheet For drives Frame Size Part number Weight lbs kg ATV630U07M3...ATV630U40M3 ATV630U07N4...ATV630U55N4 1 NSYPTDS1 6 2.7 ATV630U55M3...ATV630U75M3 ATV630U75N4...ATV630D11N4 2 NSYPTDS2 6.8 3.1 ATV630D11M3 ATV630D15N4...ATV630D22N4 3 NSYPTDS3 8.2 3.7 ATV630D15M3...ATV630D22M3 ATV630D30N4...ATV630D45N4 4 NSYPTDS4 10.1 4.6 ATV630D30M3...ATV630D45M3 ATV630D55N4...ATV630D90N4 5 NSYPTDS5 10.8 4.9 UL Type 1 Conduit Kit This kit can be used with the frame size 6 Altivar Process 630 to obtain a UL Type 1 rated enclosure installation. This is kit is field installed. Frame sizes 1-5 of the Altivar 630 range come standard with a UL Type 1 rated enclosure. This kit is available for: ATV630D55M3ATV630D75M3 ATV630C11N4ATV630C16N4. This kit provides numerous conduit entrance knockouts to properly separate incom- ing line power cables, output motor cables, control wiring, and any communication cabling. The kit includes: Metal casing to fit up to the bottom of the frame size 6 Altivar Process 630 Conduit knock-outs on the bottom of the casing Mounting screws Instruction sheet For drives Frame Size Part number Weight lbs kg ATV630D55M3...ATV630D75M3 ATV630C11N4...ATV630C16N4 6 VW3A9704 -

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