Altivar Process 600 Variable Speed Drives Page 36 Accessories and Options

36 Altivar Process 600 variable speed drives Accessories & Options Communication Card Options Optional communication cards Altivar Process drives can also be connected to other industrial communication buses and networks using one of the communication cards available as an option. Communication cards are supplied in "cassette" format for ease of mounting/removal. Dedicated communication cards: EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP dual port CANopen: RJ45 daisy chain SUB-D Screw terminals ProfiNet PROFIBUS DP V1 DeviceNet ProfiNet and PROFIBUS DP V1 cards also support the Profidrive and CiA402 profiles. It is possible to maintain communication using a separate power supply for the control and power sections. Monitoring and diagnostics are possible via the network even if there is no power supply to the power section. Functions All drive functions can be accessed via the various communication networks: Configuration Adjustment Control Monitoring Altivar Process drives offer a high degree of interfacing flexibility with the possibility to assign, by configuration, the different control sources (I/O, communication networks, and HMI terminal) to control functions in order to meet the requirements of complex applications. Network services and parameters are configured using the SoMove drive setup software, or in Unity software if the drive is being integrated into a PlantStruXure architecture. Communication is monitored according to the specific criteria for each protocol. However, regardless of the protocol, it is possible to configure how the drive responds to a detected communication interruption, as follows: Define the type of stop when a communication interruption is detected Maintain last command received Fallback position at preset speed Ignore the detected communication interruption

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