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The Altivar family of variable speed AC drives and the Altistart


family of soft starts presents the most advanced and user-friendly solutions in the marketplace. Featuring proprietary motor control algorithms to achieve optimal reaction times and complete scalability to match your application requirements for speed, size, and protection, the complete line of Altivar and Altistart products provides the flexibility and performance to: Meet the needs of a broad range of industries, including HVAC, pump, material handling, hoisting, packaging and many more. Reduce your energy costs using proprietary energy-saving technologies available only from Schneider Electric. Improve your up-time by simplifying installation, commissioning and maintenance by providing advanced diagnostics, industry-leading voltage ride thru capability and seismic qualified products. We also work with you to deliver the benefits of a global service and support of a global service and support organization to further increase the value of working with Schneider Electric. Our product specialists, industry experts, distributors, partners, and the countless other members of the Schneider Electric family are dedicated to helping you make the most of your energy everyday. Contact your local sales representative today to learn how Schneider Electric can improve operational performance and help your business to achieve a competitive advantage. Or visit www. schneider-electric.com For more information on the entire Schneider Electric product offer for AC drives and Soft starters, follow the links below:

Talk to someone you can trust AC Drives & Soft Starters Family:

Toll Free 1-888-778-2733 E-mail drive.products.support@us.schneider-electric.com Fax 919-217-6508

>Schneider Electric Service (On-Site)

The Schneider Electric Services division is committed to providing quality on-site service that consistently meets customer expectations. Services responds to your requests, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Phone 1-888-778-2733

>Schneider Electric Customer Training

Schneider Electric offers a variety of instructor-led skill enhancing and technical product training programs for customers. For a complete list of drives/soft start training with dates, locations, and pricing please call: Phone 1-866-507-0904 Fax 859-372-1565 Email customer.training@schneider-electric.com

>Customer Care Center

(Assist with stock checks, claims, and order management) To provide additional support, Schneider Electric has rolled out new Technical Service Representatives in local offices which have the strongest needs. Due to time zone changes and different time operation requirements business operation times vary. Phone 888-778-2733 Fax 888-329-9773

>Drive Product Support Group

For support and assistance, contact the Drive Product Support Group. The Drive Product Support Group is staffed from 6:00 am until 8:00 pm Eastern time to assist with product selection, start-up, and diagnosis of product or application problems. EMERGENCY Technical phone support is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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