Altivar Process 600 Variable Speed Drives Page 7 Introduction

7 Altivar Process 600 variable speed drives Introduction Remote graphic display terminal (example shows dynamic pump operation in relation to its optimum operation) Detected fault: the screen's red backlight is activated automatically Embedded dynamic QR codes for contextual, instantaneous access to online help Presentation Presentation of the offer The Altivar Process 600 series of variable speed drives are designed for the control of three-phase asynchronous and synchronous motors in pump, fan and other normal duty applications requiring 110% overload rating and heavy duty applications requiring 150% overload rating. The user has access to embedded intelligent services such as the Dynamic QR codes providing instant information about the product and troubleshooting assistance, as well as the built-in Ethernet and web server to improve plant integration and remote access. The Altivar Process 600 series has over 30 functions dedicated to pumping applications as well as functions for fan applications. In addition to pump and fan applications, the Altivar Process 600 series can also be applied on augers, compressors, conveyers, mixers and positive displacement pumps that do not require continuous operation below 5 Hz. Some of these applications may use a normal duty rated Altivar Process 600 series drive if they require up to 130% transient torque for up to 2 seconds, and up to 110% overload for up to 60 seconds. For applications that require up to 170% transient torque for up to 2 seconds and up to 150% overload for 60 seconds, select the Altivar Process 600 series drive by using the heavy duty ratings. The Altivar Process variable speed drive includes an LCD Graphic display keypad with an easy-to-read display and capacitive navigation wheel that allows users to scroll through easy to read drop-down menus. Error codes can be signaled with red backlighting to annunciate a process error. The Altivar Process 630 Comes With: - UL Type 1 rating with multiple conduit entrances to separate line power, motor cables, control wiring and network cabling in frames sizes 1-5. Frame 6 requires a field installed conduit kit to obtain UL Type 1 rating. - UL Type 12 rated LCD graphic keypad, eight lines of 24 characters, and four assignable function keys - Coated printed circuit boards for protection against dust and chemicals - Real time clock for date stamping error codes and process monitoring - Integrated RJ45 Modbus TM port on the face of the product for connection to the keypad, Magelis TM HMI, SoMove TM PC software or Unity set-up software - Integrated RJ45 Modbus port for Modbus network connection - Integrated RJ45 Ethernet Modbus TCP port for network connection - Color coded removable control terminal blocks with the following I/O: Two Safe Torque Off (STO) inputs Six digital inputs Three analog inputs Two analog outputs Three relay outputs (1NO/NC, 1NO, 1 NO) Options for the Altivar Process 630: The Altivar 630 can be field equipped with the following options to create a solution with just the right functionallity: - Connectivity can be extended without taking additional panel space communication option cards I/O extension cards - External options such as kits to mount the heatsink and power section out the back of an enclosure line reactors output filters VW3A3720 PF130914A VW3A3203

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