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Altivar Process 600 variable speed drives

Presentation Introduction

Integrated Functions

Operational Intelligence delivers value through process visibility. The Altivar Process incorporates features that provide process monitoring and visibility. - Power measurement capable of 5% accuracy for energy management. - Advanced integrated web server. - Web server secured with Achilles Level 2 certification. - Web pages can be quickly customized with ready-to-use-widgets to create different dashboards. - Process data and status tables, charts and graphs can be accessible with any HTML5 browser. - Data can be logged for export in .csv formatted files. - Accepts 5 operating points and the BEP (Best Efficiency Point) of a pump curve to provide feedback on operating efficiency. Through system and equipment condition monitoring, Altivar Process can help ensure applications are performing at optimum efficiency. Embedded Guidance provides direction that improves uptime Built-in functions simplify set-up and provide quick understanding. - A Simply Start menu guides the operator through the initial set-up. - 'My Menu' allows users to select their key parameters to store in this menu. - A 'Modified Parameters' menu stores the last 10 parameters that have been modified. - Parameters are grouped by application configuration, motor parameters, commun- cation setting parameters and display parameters. Any single or multiple parameter group can be copied into the keypad to be downloaded into other drives. - Integrated pump functions and pump protection features can be quickly config- ured. - Error codes can be date and time stamped to aid in diagnostics. - QR code access to technical documentation, and diagnostic information on mobile devices. - A static QR code located on the drive provide part number specific information. - The drive's ability to dynamically generate QR codes based on error conditions helps solve issues immediately by directing operators to specific technical information and support information. - These QRs can also assist in making contact with a Schneider Electric Customer Care center when needed. This embedded guidance can speed up start-up, troubleshooting and maintenance while reducing downtime and its related costs. A Reliable and Sustainable platform for long-term dependable service The Altivar Process represents the latest in reliable and sustainable design technol- ogy. The drive complies with all aspects of Schneider Electric's industry leading "Green Premium


" standard for sustainable and eco conscious product design, incorporating 70 percent or greater of recyclable materials and is in compliance with RoHS 2 and REACH standards. Other key aspects are: - Conformal coatings to provide resistance to chemical pollution. This provides resistance against: sea salts, sulphur dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, chlorine, hydro- gen chloride, hydrogen fluoride, ammonia, ozone, and nitrogen oxides. - Conformal coatings to provide resistance to air born pollution. This provides resis- tance against debris such as dust and sand. - Stop and Go capability: Power consumption can be reduced up to 60%, depending on the power size, while the drive is in standby, waiting for a run command. This is accomplished by powering down cooling fans, display backlighting, and the power section of the drive. - Integrated safety inputs minimize external components and wiring. - Ability of the drive to continuously operate at 50 degrees Celsius. Long operating life and reliable service have been lasting hallmarks of the Altivar drives family for more than 30 years. That tradition continues with the Altivar Process drive.

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