Altivar Process 600 Variable Speed Drives Page 9 Introduction

9 Altivar Process 600 variable speed drives Introduction Presentation Web Server Presentation The Web server can be accessed: For a drive not connected to an Ethernet network: - Direct connection via an Ethernet cable or the Schneider Electric TM WiFi dongle (the drive then appears as a network device) For a drive connected to an Ethernet network: - from any point on the network by entering the drive IP address The Web server is used for:: - Commissioning the drive (setting configuration parameters and enabling the main functions) - Monitoring energy and process data, as well as drive and motor data - Diagnostics (drive status, file transfer, detected errors and warnings logs) Description The Web server is structured around 5 tabs. My dashboard" tab: - Configurable using a wide choice of widgets; groups all the information selected by the user on one page Display" tab: - Monitors energy indicators, efficiency, and performance - Displays process data such as optimum pump operation - Monitors drive parameters and status - Shows the I/O state and assignment Diagnostics" tab: - Drive status - Time and date-stamped warning and detected errors logs - Network diagnostics - Access to drive self-tests Drive" tab: - Access to the main drive adjustment parameters with contextual help Setup" tab: - Network configuration - Access management - Transferring and retrieving drive configurations - Exporting data acquisition files and logs - Customizing pages (colors, logos, etc.) Other characteristics: - Ease of connection via the RJ45 port or WiFi connection - Password-protected authentication (modifiable password; access rights can be configured by administrator) - No downloads or installation necessary - Web server can be disabled Works in a similar way on PCs, iPhones, iPads, Android systems, and the main web browsers: - Internet Explorer (version 8 or higher) - Google Chrome (version 11 or higher) - Mozilla Firefox (version 4 or higher) - Safari (version 5.1.7 or higher) Login screen Customizable widgets Pump curves

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