Altivar Process 900 Variable Speed Drives Page 11 IP 23 or IP 54 Drive Systems selection guide

11 Presentation (continued) Variable speed drives Altivar Process ATV900 General presentation of the offer (continued) A large number of external options can be combined with the Altivar 900: b Braking units and resistors b Line chokes and passive filters (see pages 62) b Additional EMC input filters for reducing conducted emissions on the line (see pages 60 and 61) b Dv/dt and sinus filters for long cable runs or to remove the need for shielding (see pages 63 to 65) b Mounting options: The Altivar 900 drive can be mounted in a variety of ways to adapt to the various needs of an installation. b Mounting without an enclosure: The Altivar 900 drive can be mounted directly on a wall without having to be installed inside an enclosure. IP 20 and 21/UL Type 1 conformity can be achieved by using kits, for drives above 110 kW at 380...480 V and for drives from 2.2 to 90 kW at 500...690 V a supply voltage (see page 26) b Optimized enclosures: A patented flange mounting kit allows to remove the heat generated by the power unit outside the enclosure when the variable speed drive is integrated in a cabinet (see page 27) Energy Altivar Process drives help to optimize power consumption by reducing the rms input current for the same load. b Standard offer: v THDI y 48% for 80 to 100% load, which is used to maintain an optimum power factor on the most common operating range v Embedded low harmonic DC choke technology complying with standard IEC 61000-3-12 b Passive filter options v Low harmonic offer compatible with standard IEEE 519 Environment The Altivar Process drive has been developed to meet the requirements of directives regarding protection of the environment and anticipate future changes in regulations: b RoHS-2 (1) b REACH (2) + Solution for REACH Substitute It Now (halogen-free wiring and plastics) b PEP (Product Environmental Profile) eco-passport Program for reducing the carbon footprint and conserving raw materials b EoLI (End of Life Instruction) (3) v More than 70% recyclable materials (new ruling) b icientenergymanagement:30% reductioninconsumption Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) Compliance with electromagnetic compatibility requirements has been incorporated into the design of the drive, which simplifies installation and provides an economical means of helping to ensure equipment meets e marking requirements. Altivar Process drives have a category C2 or C3 EMC filter, except ATV930 ppp M3 and ATV930 ppp M3C models that can be equiped with an additional filter to meet more stringent requirements (see page 55). Installation/Maintenance Altivar Process drives are ergonomically designed to adapt to any type of installation: b Products, systems, or integrated in iMCC b IP 20 and 21/UL Type 1; IP 55, IP 54 b Easy installation of products and systems: v Cable entry equipped with Romex cable clamps to maintain an EMC connection for the power and control cable v Color code for connections to the removable terminal blocks on the HMI block v Long cable: Up to 150 m with category C3 EMC filter, depending on model b Asynchronous or synchronous motor in open loop or closed loop for 0.1...599 Hz output frequency b Special motors: Conical sliding rotor, reluctance motor b Lower maintenance costs due to drive's ergonomic design: v Fans can be replaced in less than 5 minutes v No maintenance tool required v Limited number of parts b Embedded Web server: v Compatible process elements for easier implementation v Direct worldwide access to monitoring and maintenance functions: - Reading values - Modifying data - Configuring parameters - Changing controller status (1) European directive 2002/95/EC Restriction Of Hazardous Substances (applicable in 2016) (2) European regulation 1907/2006 (3) According to IEC 62635 Enhanced Guidelines THDI y 48% for 80...100% load with Altivar Process Altivar Process drive THDI

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