Altivar Process 900 Variable Speed Drives Page 13 Altivar Process ATV900 variable speed drives overview

13 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Overview (continued) Variable speed drives Altivar Process ATV900 Integration Fieldbus protocols b EtherNet/IP and Modbus/TCP Dual port and Modbus serial link: v Standard Modbus and Ethernet protocols v Connection of configuration and runtime tools v Control and supervision of the Altivar Process in process architectures (controllers, SCADA, HMIs, etc.) in industrial networks (read/write data) v Diagnostic, supervision, and fieldbus management functions b Ethernet services: v SNMP, SNTP, BootP & DHCP, IP v6, cybersecurity services, FDR v Open Ethernet topologies Integration of configuration and runtime tools b FDT/DTM technology (see page 25): v Drive configuration, diagnostics, and control using Unity Pro or Foxboro Evo software Configuration and runtime tools b Graphic display terminal (see page 22): v Drive control, adjustment, and configuration v Display of current values (motor, I/O, etc.) v Configuration storage and download v Duplication of one drive configuration on another drive from a PC or another drive v Remote use by means of appropriate accessories (see page 23) v Connection to several drives using multidrop link components (see page 23) b Embedded web server (see page 24): v Easily accessible from any PC, iPhone , iPad , Android system, and major web browsers v Network diagnostics in real time v Read/write values b SoMove software (see page 25): v Advanced functions for configuration, setup, and maintenance of Altivar Process drives Integrated services Altivar Process drives feature integrated services to achieve optimum time savings: b Simplified communication: v Ethernet dual port with embedded web server b Energy management (integrated power measurement) b Dynamic predictive maintenance b 3 QR codes: 1: Access to the Customer Care Center application and product data sheet 2: Direct access to description of the functions 3: QR code generated in the event of a detected error (red screen): Identification of the detected error, probable causes and remedies Embedded web server login screen Altivar Process DTM in Unity Pro Variable speed drives: page 18 Configuration and runtime tools: page 22 Combinations: page 26 Dimensions: page 66

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